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Saturday, April 30, 2011

THE BOYS - 1st [1977] + bonus trax!

Hey Punkers! This is A MUST. Grrreat Pop/Punk debut slab by fabulous THE BOYS from kick ass year of '77. Dig!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

THEE HEADCOATS SECT - Deerstalking Men / Ready Sect Go!


THEE HEADCOATS SECT is the inevitable intersection of two generations of mad-hatted Punk R & B misfits with musical and philosophical lineage that can be traced back over more than 30 years. The Donwliners Sect were among the country's foremost rhythm and blues groups, their most prolific period being the years from 1964 to 1966. As is often the case, they were denied the sort of success they deserved - they were outcasts, too young, too uncouth, and just a tad too eccentric to be accepted by their peers. As the Melody Maker said of their debut album in 1964: 'forget this one if you want a Happy Christmas, and don't want to drive all the guests away from your party'. Today, however, to fans of raw, vital punk R & B, the Downliners Sect are revered above and beyond any of their tamers, more famous UK beat contemporaries.
Now, fast forward 30 years or so to 1996. A group of punk R'n'B upstarts (including one Mr. Billy Childish), wearing ludicrous headgear, with a Milkshakes and Mighty Caesars pedigree are wowing the seething mass of young, uncouth, eccentric garage-heads at venues all over the country, and in the USA, and in Japan. Today Chatham, tomorrow the world! Thee Headcoats had kicked at the same locked doors as the Downliners Sect had before them, but now had found the key to success.
Now, fast forward again. What if the now greying original Sectarians were to team up with the upstart Headcoats? Pit these seasoned R&B icons against the punk energy of their bastard children, let 'em sink their still healthy choppers into some of Childish's brash, biting material and capture the whole mess on tape with as little technological interference as possible. It couldn't be anything less than brilliant!
And it wasn't. 'Deerstalking Men' (on Hangmans Daughter) was the Frankenstein's Monster of British Garage's first outing, in 1996 followed by 'Ready Sect Go!' in 2000 (on Vinyl Japan).
So lock up your daughters, fasten your deerstalker, and enjoy the irreverent spirit, and wicked sense of humour and irony that lives on in THEE HEADCOAT SECT!!!

THEE HEADCOATS - Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! [1990]

My favorite Headcoats record and maybe their best. Dig!

Monday, April 25, 2011

THE LAST - L.A. Explosion [1979]


Influenced by '60s surf, garage, and folk-rock, brothers Joe (guitar), Mike (vocals), and David Nolte (bass) of Los Angeles formed the Last in 1976, along with associates Jack Reynolds (drums) and Vitus Matare (keyboards). The Last might be considered a seminal indie band, having released early singles on their own label, Backlash. Their first album, L.A. Explosion, released in 1979 on the Bomp! label, has been lauded as a powerful and nearly perfect first effort.
The Last recorded a second album, Look Again, in 1980 on Backlash and distributed it privately. In 1982, they returned to Bomp! for the EP Fade to Black, and then completed Painting Smiles on a Dead Man for Lolita Records before disbanding in 1985.[Allmusic] Dig!

Shoes - Black Vinyl Shoes [1977]

The Barracudas - Drop Out [1981]


DMZ - Relics / Demos / Live!




THE REAL KIDS - st [1977]


Monday, April 18, 2011

THE HORNETS - Motorcycles U.S.A. [1964]

The Hornets were one of the many Liberty Records 60's hot rod studio projects that included guitar-slinger Jerry Cole. So you know you can expect dirty twangy guitar sound, sax lines and roaring machines. Great hot rod stuff Dig!

On The Track

Cross Country Run

THE DEUCE COUPES - Hotrodder's Choice [1963]

This version of the Deuce Coupes (there was a completely different band with the same name who recorded for Crown Records) grew out of Avantis, a group formed by brothers Lolly and Pat Vegas (who went on to fame in the 1970s as Redbone). Hired by Del-Fi Records to record an instrumental album with dragster and hot rod themes, the duo churned out a dozen fairly derivative tunes, backed by some of L.A.'s finest session players. Becoming the Deuce Coupes for that album alone, which ended up being called Hotrodder's Choice, the brothers moved on to other projects when the car genre ran its course. Their one album as the Coupes is a scattershot affair, with tunes like "Gear Masher" being nothing more than an instrumental version of Berry Gordy and Barrett Strong's "Money." A couple of the tracks have intriguing grooves, however, including the percussion-laden "Tijuana Gasser," the hard-charging "Hayburner" (which bears a superficial resemblance to "Hot Rod Lincoln"), and "Nite Prowler," which turns up fairly regularly on surf and hot rod comps and was featured on the soundtrack to Home Alone 3. The seemingly constant car sounds (engines being wound up, then blasting across the speakers) is frankly pretty annoying. Fans of the genre may find Hotrodder's Choice worth seeking out.

Smooth Stick

Tjuana Gasser


Sunday, April 17, 2011

DOWNLINERS SECT - The Definitive Singles A´s & B´s

Definitive, yes -- both sides of all eight of their Columbia singles, both sides of their one Pye single, their 1965 The Sect Sing Sick Songs EP, their ultra-rare self-released Nite at Gt. Newport Street EP from early 1964, and demos of "Cadillac" and "Roll over Beethoven" from 1963 and 1964, respectively. Twenty-nine songs in all, spanning 1963-1967, many of which didn't make it onto the three albums they released during this period. Good? No, not really. As performers the Sect didn't only verge on inept, they were at times downright careless, as if they couldn't be bothered to polish things a bit in the studio. As (infrequent) songwriters, their talent was nearly nonexistent. It's hard to believe anyone thought most of these sides had any commercial potential, either in the band or at the record label; the material is largely lackluster, and not even especially well chosen (a few of the songs on their first and third LPs would have been much better bets). Highlights are the Newport EP, which at least finds them playing things a bit straight and passionate, with a ramshackle version of "Green Onions" and a good cut of Bo Diddley's "Nursery Rhymes"; the 1965 single "Bad Storm Coming" is a fairly moody number. That's a pretty low return on a band that enjoys a vociferous following among some collectors, although they were really a pedestrian British R&B band with a propensity toward parched humor and odd novelty tunes that hasn't aged well. [allmusic]

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAXIMUM GARAGE R'n'B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

THE SENTINALS - Big Surf! [1963]

The Sentinals were among the host of start-up combos to have emerged from the fertile environs of California's Central Coast scene circa the early '60s. After scoring some regional fame and issuing a handful of 45s -- most notably the haunting "Latinia" -- on local independent labels, they were signed to the premiere surf imprint, Del-Fi, in the summer of 1963. While co-founder Tommy Nunes (guitar) provided the lion's share of the tunes for the Big Surf! album, The Sentinals likewise reworked a few selections that had already made an impact on the burgeoning coastline craze. Their open-throttled reading of the Isley Brothers' "Shout," the equally rousing rendition of the Beach Boys' "Surfin'," and the compact arrangement of R&B guitarist Freddie King's signature song, "Hideaway," are but a few. But one of the more peculiar covers is derived from the pen of Argentinean-born composer Lalo Schifrin, who would become best known for the theme to Mission Impossible. Years earlier, Schifrin had gained notice with several Latin-flavored jazz instrumentals, "Latin Soul" being one of his first. Interestingly, the band shared no less than five sides with Bob Vaught & the Renegaids, whose 1963 Surf Crazy LP included "Exotic," "Intoxico," "Surfin' Tragedy," Nunes' own "Latinia," and "Tor-Chula," based on the Champs' "Tequila." The title track, the gritty "Revellion," and the somewhat typical midtempo stomp "Sunset Beach" are a few of the other key entries. [AMG] ***


60's Garage / Hot Rod / Surf compilation from Satan Records. Some great raw stuff for your uncontrollable wyld beach party. Wail!

THE SID PRESLEY EXPERIENCE - Are You Experienced, The Anthology

               THE SID PRESLEY EXPERIENCE               
The band that was preceded The Godfathers, in its name contains all the ingredients and influences that bear their music. During its short existence they released several singles and EPs with great original tunes "Public Enemy Number One," "Hup Two Three Four," "Rock 'N' Roll Traitor," "'F' for Fake" and cover of surf instrumental "Firewater" [The Astronauts], and the excellent Jerry Nolan's "Take A Chance". Hup Two Three Four, Dig!!!



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