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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

THE DAYTONAS - Don't Look Now But It's...[1994] / Quarter Mile [1995]

The Daytonas come from Sweden like many fine retro garage surf bands in 90's. They play surf, hot rod and even some garage pop tunes. It sounds like they have real fun on the cool beaches of Sweden. Anyway, here are vinyl rip of this "Don't Look Now..." in Surfadelic colors plus "Quarter Mile-Surfer's Deal" cd album. Dig!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

FROM L.A. WITH LOVE [Jeff Dahl, Plimsouls, Barracudas, Sky Saxon, Stiv Bators, The Flamin' Groovies, The Stooges]

This Bomp compilation is an overview of late 70's, early 80's L.A. underground scene. It contains Realised singles on Bomp label with such acts as Flamin 'Groovies, Stooges, Barracudas, etc. Sky Saxon. First side is more Power Pop oriented while the other is in or Punk Garage Punk genre. Nearly every track is a winner. Ripped in Surfadelic style from rare blue vinyl. Dig!!!



U.S. and U.K. audiences were totally unaware at the time, but Australia was home to a thriving garage-punk scene in the mid-'60s. The scope and output of these groups were limited by the country's population, which was only about 15 million or somewhat less, after all. But there was a surprisingly large number of fine singles, some of which measured up to the manic, over-the-top R&B-derived energy of anything coming from Texas, California, or London. Volume 1 is by far the best of the series and, indeed, one of the best '60s garage compilations ever, filled with good hooks, screams, and crunching riffs. The second and third volumes aren't nearly as good, peppered with undistinguished covers and unmemorable tracks, although some excellent ones do surface, including some from neighboring New Zealand; the best of these two LPs should have been combined into one. Raven has put out a best-of compilation CD from the Ugly Things series that draws from all of the volumes and adds some other cuts.[AMG]

In the 60's, Australia had something to say too in the garage genre. It's raw, punky and savage sound from down under continet. Missing Links, Atlantics, Elois, La De Das, Derk's Accent and others will show you the raw beauty of 60's garage sound! 


Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Overdose of Heavy Psych

An Overdose of Heavy Psych

Surfadelic is proud to present 60's garage ''Tripmakers''. Psychedelic music never sounds so good than at the time when garage groups made their first trip to the other side of the mind. You don't need no Acid to listen to this. Just download, unrar, Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out.

Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go [31 High Octane 60's Movers and Shakers]

Friday, June 24, 2011

What A Way To Die [15 Forgotten Losers from the Mid 60's]


Another Classic 60's garage comp. from 80's. Cool to the bone!

 Side 1
1 The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die
2 Larry & The Loafers - Let's Go To The Beach
3 The Teddy Boys - Don't Mess With Me
4 The Grains Of Sand - That's When Happiness Began
5 The Magic Mushroom - I'm Gone
6 The Knaves - Leave Me Alone
7 The Renegades - Thirteen Women

Side 2
1 The First Four - Empty Heart
2 Richard & The Young Lions - You Can Make It
3 The Beachnuts - My Iconoclastic Life
4 The Human Beinz - Evil Hearted You
5 The Swinging Machine - Do You Have To Ask?
6 The Enfields - She Already Has Somebody
7 The Pleasure Seekers - Never Thought You'd Leave Me
8 Sonny Gee & The Standels - Tidal Wave

The Pleasure Seekers

THE CRAMPS - Booze Party [Live! New York 1989]

Great 2LP live bootleg from 1989. Play loud !!!


Booze Party


1- Muleskinner blues
2- Chicken
3- Shortnin’ bread
4- The hot pearl snatch
5- People ain’t no good
6- Goddamn rock’n’roll
7- Strychnine
8- Drug train
9- Bikini girls with machine guns
10- All women are bad
11- What’s inside a girl?
12- Booze party
13- The creature from the black leather lagoon
14- Aloha from hell
15- Goo goo muck
16- Primitive
17- Sunglasses after dark
18- Cornfed dames
19- Can your pussy do the dog?
20- You got good taste
21- Psychotic reaction
22- The mad daddy
23- The crusher
24- She said

Psychotic Reactions [60's Garage]

Psychotic Reactions

Vinyl rip of this real cool 60's garage comp. Executed by Surfadelic. Try it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


[Legendary 60's Freakbeat Garage Comp]

Side 1
1 The Namelosers - But I'm So Blue (Malmo, Sweden)
2 Red Squares - You Can Be My Baby (Boston, U.K.)
3 The Motions - For Another Man (The Hague, Holland)
4 Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs - Everybody Knows (U.K.)
5 The Boys Blue - You Got What I Want (Coventry, U.K.)
6 The In Crowd - Things She Says (London, U.K.)
7 The Cherokees - Little Lover (Melbourne, Australia)
8 The Outsiders - Won't You Listen (Amsterdam, Holland)
9 The Kinks - All Aboard (London, U.K.)

Side 2
1 A Passing Fancy - I'm Losing Tonight (Toronto, Canada)
2 The Outlaws - Keep A Knockin' (U.K.)
3 Q65 - It Came To Me (The Hague, Holland)
4 The Golden Earrings - Chunk Of Steel (The Hague, Holland)
5 Cuby & The Blizzards - I'm So Restless (Grollo, Holland)
6 The Snobs - Heartbreak Hotel (London, U.K.)
7 The Buzz - You're Holding Me Down (Edinburgh, U.K.)
8 Allen Pound's Get Rich - Searchin' In The Wilderness (U.K.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DICK DALE/THE IRRIDESCENTS - The Silver Sounds Of The Surf [1963]

This was actually THE IRRIDESCENTS [aka THE STOMPERS] Lp with two vocal trax by Mr. Dale. Pretty rare stuff and hard to find. I've made vinyl rip from my own Lp. There's few skips on B1 but WTF. For Surfadelic Fans !!! Dig!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Dark Sides [The Best Of]

The Squires - Going All The Way With [1965 /1966]


Garage folk-rock legends originally known as The Rogues, formed 1965 in Bristol, Connecticut. Famed for their '66. single Going All The Way/Go ahead included in Pebbles vol.1&2, they gained somethin' of a cult status among garage rock fans. Since they never recorded an Lp, Crypt records made this super-cool collection that gathers all of their unissued gems. All tunes are originals except GREAT cover of ''Gloria''. This is one of the best unissued 60's garage stuff out there and truly A MUST! Dig!

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