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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

THE HUNTINGTON CADS - Introduce the New Sound [1998]

If you link these cats with Tiki Tones or Bomboras then you know you're in for quality. But unlike those two, The Huntington Cads were more in classic surf space. Influenced by Dick Dale & The Ventures they play some really beautiful music which brings you to some faraway exotic islands & places. So let them introduce the New Sound!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Juan Trip - Shadows

 Juan Trip - Shadows  

Posted Image Psychedelic Techno Surf  Posted Image

I don't want no fuc*in' techno on my blog, but this is so cool + they have guitars like mine !

APACHE - Boomtown Gems [2008] / Radical Sabbatical [2010]

This San Francisco group brings you the sound of New York circa '76. If you like New York Dolls, The Electric Chairs, Ramones or Johnny Thunders, then this is for you. 
I must say that it is the best new thing I heard in a very long time. Fantastic, sexy fusion of punk & glam rock. 
You must not miss this one. I'm not kiddin' !!! Forget all those half-assed, wanna-be Stooges, Mc5, Dolls, Ramones loosers, 'cause... 
This is the REAL THING !!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

THE AVENGERS VI - Real Cool Hits [1966]

This album which came in 1966., originally intended to be promotion for the Good Humor Ice Cream Company. From my point of view this is a so-so to fine lp that gain some big reputation over the years because it's very rare & hard to find. Anyways It has some very cool trax like my all time favourite instro. Time Bomb, later covered by Bomboras & Man or Astro-man?. Then it's Heartbeat, also featured on legendary surf comp. Diggin' Out. There's few more fine originals None But The Brave & The Avenger's Stomp. Interesting covers of Peter Gunn,Sahara & R&B flavoured Coming Home Baby. My fav cover is Slaughter On 10th Avenue. Dig!!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011



Well well well, what we got here ?!? New rare stuff from your favourite band ?  Don't think so. Actually it's very old & poorly recorded thing. Lately I got very smart and done a compilation all by myself. It's a collection of best trax from Lp's you can see below. The legendary Detroit rehearsals tapes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know them all, but this beauty is made by me, so you hippies got to have some respect. It's so well done I wanna kiss myself. The Stooges unissued album would look something like this. So, get it while you can. Dig!

01 - Wild Love
02 - Cock In My Pocket
03 - Head On Curve
04 - Open Up & Bleed
05 - She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills
06 - Cry For Me-Pin Point Eyes
07 - Rubber Legs
08 - Born In A Trailer
09 - Johanna
10 - Till The End Of The Night
11 - Radio Advertising
12 - I Am A Man
13 - Ballad Of Hollis Brown

[SURFADELIC Lo-fi, no-mono recordings]

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Challengers - Surfbeat / K-39 / Go Sidewalk Surfing!


Los Angeles based surf band, famed for the best selling surf album of all time Surfbeat [sold 200.000 copies]. One of the first that brought surf from California to the rest of the world. Formed by drummer Richard Delvy after he left the Bel-Airs, who had recorded one of the first surf singles, "Mr. Moto." A classic 60's surf group with hits like K-39, Mr.Rebel, Channel 9, Tidal Wave, Kami-Kaze. They also did some fine covers of instro. classics Telstar, Wipe out, Pipeline, Out of limits. Good clean fun. 

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