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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sean Bonniwell - R.I.P.

Sean Bonniwell the leader & vocalist of one of the best 60's garage-punk bands The Music Machine, passed away yesterday, on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Purple Merkins – Merkinmania! [1997]

                          PURPLE  MERKINS                        

Using the same lineup from The Marshmallow Overcoat, Timothy Gassen formed THE PURPLE MERKINS as a one-off "side-band." Despite all intentions, the '66-styled garage punk prank soon developed into a continuing project, with recordings and releases spurting out from 1992-1998. THE PURPLE MERKINS created mainly crude, spontaneous home-made recordings, while their Marshmallow Overcoat counterparts explored a (hopefully) more sophisticated (and unfortunately more expensive) studio approach. 19 songs accumulated, resulting in the MERKMINMANIA! LP. The vinyl version was released in 1998 on Italy's Psych-Out Records and is long out of print. The Merkinmania! LP collected all of these out-of-print tracks, and added another half-dozen unreleased songs. All were recorded in lo-tech "360 degree Garagadelic Stereo," for the optimum in fuzziness. Real cool covers of legendary 60's garage hitmakers The Seeds, Shadows of Knight, Love, Blues Magoos, Electric Prunes mixed with some fine originals. If you dig Lyres, Fuzztones & stuff than, dig this. Ripped from rare [only 500 numbered copies] 180gm vinyl in SURFADELIC style, baby !
This is rare as F**k
Fuzz can be fun, in more ways than one !

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