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Sunday, May 13, 2012

THE BARRACUDAS – [I Wish It Could Be] 1965 Again

Yeah! I wish too but... it can't be...or maybe ? Anyways, here are your favorite Surf/Punk band THE BARRACUDAS. They're too hot for U.K. beaches, they sounded more like they came from NYC or California. Started in late 70's THE BARRACUDAS weren't real punk, they're more like retro garage as you can see on the cover [look like The Standells on "Why Pick On Me" lp] They look pretty tough in this garage outfit and Cuban heels. This French compilation Lp from '85. is pretty tough as well. It gathers all of their 7''s from 1980./'81., the first part of their career. Surf/Punk action all the way. For me it's even better collection than a classic "Drop Out" lp, it's more punchy, more action, more fun, oh yeah... Summer Fun. Here you got great trax like Kgb , Chevy Baby, Rendez-Vous and instro. called  Barracuda Waver which are not on Drop Out. 
Ripped from my own vinyl lp [Mint condition!] in pretty well known SURFADELIC style. There's even a bonus track You Were On My Mind just for you completists. So, you know fellow surfers... THIS IS A MUST !!! 


Barracudas - Kgb



  1. Mr. E: The link says you have not given permission to be downloaded. I would love to hear this. Please Mr.E, work your magic.

    1. I give you special permission for download. Now Dig!


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