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Thursday, July 19, 2012

THE BOSS MARTIANS - Move! [2000]

With the fresh new sound on their 4th studio Lp, The Boss Martians approach the second stage in their career. Longtime drummer, Dan Israel quit the band and was replaced by former Untamed Youth drummer Joel Trueblood, and later on by drummer Jason Reavis. Also, bass player Scott Betts was replaced by Steve "Esquerita" Davis. So, with this lineup changes during the recording session, you could expect wide variety of sounds goin' on this platter. And you're right. Here you got surf, hot rod, garage rock, rockabilly, power pop and even some latin/bossa nova sounds done in Boss Martians style. Great stuff all over, with garage rock kicks of She's In, You're Gone, Move!, I Want More, powerpop This Time Around, couple of cool Untamed Youth style trax Bad Ass '71 Dodge Super Bee and Never Trust A Chick, surf/hot rod instros The Last Ride, Pandilla En Motocicleta, Trouble On 2 Wheels [w/out-of-place Eastern-sounding clarinet breakdown ?!?], pretty interesting, fun instros Chihuahua Del Diablo and Intermission, cover of The Standells classic Little Sally Tease and unlisted bonus track, anticipation of Making The Rounds Lp. Prominent are great use of wah-wah guitar and some organ/synth sound effects. There's something for everyone on this real cool rockin' record, so get it while you can. In Moving Stereo ! Buy it Here!

She's In, You're Gone
The Last Ride
Never Trust A Chick (In A 3 Window Coupe)




  1. your blog is one the best !!!
    keep on !!!

    1. Thank you man, whoever you are. Rock on!

  2. Could you upload "The Setup" and "Pressure in the soho"? This blog is incredible by the way. Thank you

  3. Hello - Thanks for your enthusiasm! All the Boss Martians LPs are available via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc - and with the exception of the first album, most of the CDs and vinyl are available as well - we'd appreciate if you would take the downloadable digital on all the Boss Martians Dionysus releases off the blog - the song samples are cool though. I don't have to tell you that it is difficult for labels and bands because of all this material floating around for free.

    Thanks -
    Lee from Dionysus Records

    1. Hi Mr.Joseph, glad you drop in and join. As you can see I really dig Dionysus stuff. All links are removed now. Stay tuned, Cheers!


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