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Thursday, May 31, 2012

TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS - Deep In The Shadows (1994)

Rockabilly, Garage, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Tango, Calypso ... all executed in Tav Falco's unique latin lover style. Alongside groups like The Cramps and The Gun Club, Panther Burns dig deep for the roots of American music, getting inspiration from 50's and 60's underground rock'n'roll and some latin flavours. This here is a collection of trax from various albums and Ep's compiled by Patrick Boissel from BOMP records. You got cool covers of Chuck Berry, Hazelwood, Nightcrawlers, The Crestones, Charly Feathers, some tradicionals and one Grrreat! original, personal favorite "Cuban Rebel Girl". All the stuff was recorded at Sam phillips studio in Memphis and produced by Alex Chilton, Jim Dickinson and Tav Falco.  
This 10'' vinil ripoff is supervised by Mr.Eliminator of untouchable Surfadelic cult. So you know what you'll get is a superior blazing garage fidelity.

"I'm Just A Poor Man With The Heart Full Of Love ..."

"She's Moves Like She's Walking On Broken Glasses ..."

Cuban Rebel Girl


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ALAN VEGA - Collision Drive [1981]

 Ghost Rider Motorcycle Hero

Alan Vega goes Rockabilly. Ingenious mix of New Vave, Electro and Rockabilly with touch of Art from this NY underground cat second solo effort, became my favorite party record. Great stuff all over, from Rockabilly of Magdalena 82, cool rendition of classic Be Bop A Lula, energetic Raver and Rebel Rocker to New Vave/Electro/Punk of Outlaw and Ghostrider, with great heart popping tearjerk balad I Believe and Suicide-like Viet Vet. This is Alan Vega best solo Lp, [as always] way ahead of it's time. Minimalist Electro/Punk for Psych-heads. This is A Must !!! 

IMPALA - El Rancho Reverbo [1994]

Great spaghetti western, latin flavored surf debut album for these "Kings Of The Strip". Recorded at Sam Phillips Recording Service, Memphis, TN. Special bonus tracks 14, 15 and 16 from the single Impala on Power Of Bob Records. Pretty nice soundtrack for the ultimate gunfight. Dig!

Monday, May 28, 2012

THEM - BELFAST GYPSIES [1967] Vinyl Rip !!!

Them or not Them ?!?
Well, the story goes something like this ...

In late August 1965, Billy Harrison and Pat McAuley formed a rival Them, competing with the Morrison/Henderson line-up. In March 1966, the latter won the rights to the name while the former, now without Harrison but with Pat's brother Jackie McAuley, were only allowed to use 'Other Them' in the U.K. The McAuley brothers became, unofficially, The Belfast Gypsies (or Gipsies), though they were never actually billed as such, and recorded two singles on Island Records (one released under the name Freaks of Nature) and one Swedish-only album, all produced by Kim Fowley. They toured Europe billed as Them and released a French E.P. under that name but broke up in November 1966. [Wikipedia]
Sad but true... but what a heck. When they teamed up with Mr.Fowley it was pretty cool arrangement as he's something of "Garage Guru" and one hell of a man. He produced this fine Lp issued only in  Sweden. It's a mix of Folk Rock and wyld Garage R&B similar to Morrison's Them. Vinyl Rip by Surfadelic. Dig!


Link Wray - Growling Guitar

                                LINK WRAY                               
 Growling Guitar 

More 60's stuff from Mr.Guitar. Raw and unforgiving guitar sound for your bleeding ear hole membranes. There's some gentle sides as well. 
Submit yourself to...

A1 Climbing a High Wall
A2 Genocide
A3 The Earth Is Crying
A4 Growlin 'Guts
A5 Hungry
A6 Ace of Spades '69
A7 Ruby Baby
B1 Hang On
B2 Summer Dreams
B3 Sorrento
B4 Peggy Sue
B5 Alone
B6 Girl From the North Country
B7 You Hurt Me So
B8 The Fuzz

Sunday, May 27, 2012

DOWNLINERS SECT - The Rock Sect's In [1966] Vinyl Rip !!!

Speaking of U.K. Garage/R&B scene of the 60's there must be the place for Downliners Sect, and it's on the very Top. Their '66. album proves that, so it must be treated with Respect! Here is the Super-Sonic Vinyl Rip from 220 gram vinyl, done in unbeatable Sufadelic style! No kidding, it's a great improvement over the existing Cd rips, so you got to check it out! Now, it's your turn to give it a spin and... find out what's happening. Dig!

220 gram !!!
[of "pure"vinyl]

Saturday, May 26, 2012


"The Group That Makes The Rolling Stones Sound Like The Monkees" - NME

The legend says that these Plymouth garage/r'n'b cats were wilder than the Stones. Well, don't know that, but I know that this is a pretty rare stuff ripped from their '96. vinyl comp. Formed in 1960. The Betterdays were one of the very first U.K. R&B groups best known for their '65. minor hit singl Don't Want That [Pebbles Vol. 6, English Freakbeat, Vol.1] They were inspired by raw Rhythm & Blues of Bo Diddley, Howlin Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Chuck Berry ...They gain some regional success playing at the local overcrowded clubs, causing violent reactions from audience, but fail to get to the top. This Lp includes all of their '60's 45's + some live stuff. There's even cool '91. reunion Howlin For My baby [Howlin' Wolf] cover. 

"Turn the volume up, close your eyes and imagine the sweat is dripping off the walls. It is 1964 and The Betterdays have just walked on the stage"  [Dave Teil]         

Friday, May 25, 2012

THE DAYTONAS - Ready Set Go [1993]

First album by these Scandinavian surfers brings a bunch of great surf/hot rod/pop songs and few surf instros. Half of this stuff  you can hear on Don't Look Now But It's Lp posted before, but supercool songs like Chequered Flag, I Love California, Surf fever, Point Of No Return... are only available here!
Perfect soundtrack for a real cool beach party. "... Looks like everybody got flu, Surf fever, Surf fever. Everybody know just what to do Surf fever, Surf fever... Dig!

Chequered Flag
 I Love California
 Surf Fever

Thursday, May 24, 2012

BLACKTOP - Up All Night [1994] Vinyl Rip!!!

Vinyl Rip! of one of my favorite garage records from 90's. As you know it's a MICK COLLINS' new garage "project" after The Gories. It was simmilar basic sound but this time with the Bass. Somebody says it's even better than The Gories! well who knows? Maybe. Anyways, this is unique Garage/Blues/Punk Lp issued on Australian "Au Go Go Records". It's pretty rare vinyl issue and for my opinion better collection than I Got A Baaad Feelin'. The sound of this rip is supervised by Surfadelic so you know what that means. Full blown superior <360> garage sound. As mr.COLLINS said "Get it while you can!"

I Think It's Going To Rain
Tornado Love
Here I Am I Always Am


Monday, May 21, 2012


A Beverly Hills teenage surf band formed in 1962. recorded three instrumental surf LPs for the small budget label Sutton. Their style reminds me on The Astronauts, but there's also a touch of Dick Dale, The Chantays and The Revels. All the stuff is written mainly by Jimmy Greenspoon (later keyboardist for Three Dog Night) and Michael Lloyd (later in the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) This is a collection of trax recorded in '63/'64 with great stuff like Failsafe, Cat on a Hot Foam Board [well known from Diggin'Out comp.], Soul Surf, National Breakout, Bongo Shutdown ... So get your board and catch the ... Wild Wave!

Cat On A Hot Foam Board
National Breakout

Sunday, May 20, 2012

THE SONICS - Sinderella [1980]

Some garagers don't dig it but put aside your prejudice and believe me this Lp is pretty cool even it's not the real Sonics. This is actually Gerry Roslie + bunch of guys called The Invaders. On this 1980. album they covered some well known Sonics and North-West 60's classics, as well as Bo Diddley, Freddy Cannon or Holland-Dozier songs. With its original and interesting sound this record is not part of 80's retro garage fever, it stands on it's own. "The songs were chosen to represent the spirit of Northwest music its history and its future" [liner notes]. There's great versions of He 's waitin', Louie Louie, Tallahassee Lassie, Open Up Yer Door [Richard & the Young Lions], Turn-on-song ... Non stop raw rock & roll fest. This lp is way better than many retro garage records you can find out there. Ripped from White Vinyl for coolest audio experience. Dig!!!

He 's Waitin'
Louie Louie
Tallahassee Lassie

Saturday, May 19, 2012

THE REAL KIDS - No Place Fast [1981/82]

Power Pop/Punk legends from Boston formed by John Felice in 1972, after he left the Modern Lovers. with Rick Coraccio on bass [Later DMZ, LYRES], Steve Davidson (guitar), and Norman Bloom (drums), they became a successful live band in the Boston area. Influenced by early rock'n'roll of Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, 60's British invasion and garage rock as well as Flamin' Groovies and Ramones, they crated theire own brand of hard edged energetic Pop/Punk sound. 
With different line-ups they recorded some great records in 80's that are not well known as their debut '77 classic. This Norton Records 1999. compilation includes the '81. Taxi Boys EP and their '82.Outta Place album. Supercool stuff indeed, shows their real potential for rock'n'roll action.


Friday, May 18, 2012

THE UNCLAIMED - st [1987] Vinyl Rip!!!

The Unclaimed were one of the most interesting acts of the great Garage Revival scene in 80's. Formed in L.A. in '79. by Shelley Ganz, they were heavily influenced by 60's punk heroes like Chocolate Watch Band, Count Five, Music Machine, Seeds, Shadows of Knight, Standells. You can read their story here. They managed to capture the wild 60's sound that reminds me of Chocolate Watch Band No Way Out album and Ed Cobb production.
This is '87. Dutch reissue of 1983. mini Lp "Primordial Ooze Flavored". Vinyl rip is executed by Mr.Eliminator in SURFADELIC style for highest aural performance. You got to say... UGH!

No Apology

Thursday, May 17, 2012

THE UNTAMED YOUTH - Youth Runs Wild ! [1998] Vinyl Rip!!!

Fun, fun, fun and more fun. This Rock'n'Roll party never stops. Frat rock, Hot Rod, Surf & Garage in The Untamed Youth style will win you over. On their 5th and final album on Norton Records among some cool covers there are great originals Mace Has Got A Hot Rod Dart,Full Blown 426 Hemi, Where Did Kono Go? and instro. Lightnin' Louie. On the other side you got [as always] well selected covers like I Couldn't Care Less [Run-A-Rounds], F-olding Money, Girl Happy, I've Been Wrong Before, great instro. Red Line & Iron Cross [backig vocals by Davie Allan himself !!!] All in all this seems to be their most complete album with perfect full sound. Vinyl Rip by Surfadelic. Dig!

I Couldn't Care Less

Mace Has Got Hot Rod Dart

Red Line

Be sure to check the other cool stuff by this band.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

THE SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS - Pop of the Tops [2009]

"It's a goddamn Rock'N'Roll World ... Yeah!"

10 long years after their last Lp [great!!! The Return of Rock] the godlike Neckbreakers kicking asses again and they kick real hard. With Mighty Joe Vincent [DEVIL DOGS] on drums they're in for the kill. High octane trax like Rock 'N' Roll World, Train Wrecked, Beat It Creep, Papa Lost His Mojo, Great Jones, You Stole Love ... will got you down on yer knees begging for more. Somewhere between The Sonics and Ramones, or The Real Kids and Lyres, they make their Swingin' Neckbreaking Rock'n'Roll blast. Are They the best garage punk rock band these days ?!? Yes? No? Maybe? The answer is Fu*k YEEAAH !!! This New Jersey garage cats even made appearance in my favorite tv series THE SOPRANOS. So, don't you mess with me. Beat it Creeps!                                                      

Rock'N'Roll World
Beat It Creep

Great Jones

You Stole Love

 You got to have'em on vinyl too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

THE HENTCHMEN - Formfollowsfunction (2004)

Somewhere down the line, longtime Detroit garage rock primitives The Hentchmen learned something about the importance of production values, and if you know them best from their stripped-to-the-bone early albums such as Ultra Hentch and Campus Party, then 2004's Formfollowsfunction may come as a bit of a surprise. By the Hentchmen's standards, Form Follows Function is downright slick, with clean and crisp engineering, a snappy drum sound, occasional sound effects, vocals and instruments that are actually in tune and in time, and a mix that actually involves panning and such -- in short, it doesn't appear to have been recorded in someone's rec room, unlike the majority of their efforts. But before any longtime fans begin howling "sell out," to these ears adding a bit of polish and buffing off the rough spots only makes it easier to tell that The Hentchmen write really cool songs, and play 'em with the right balance of style and sweat. John Szymanski's vocals finally get the attention they deserve, and he sounds tough and soulful throughout, while the spunky snap of Szymanski's keyboards (he lets go of his Farfisa to play piano and other stuff on some cuts), Tim Purrier's guitar, and Mike Latulippe's drums remain as solid as ever, just better recorded. The Hentchmen have always known how to play a great gig, but now they've learned how to make a record, and while an excess of craft is usually the downfall of a garage band, Form Follows Function is one example where a little technique in the right places goes a long, long way.  [Allmusic] Dig!

Perpetuate The Continuance

Virginia Dare

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