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Saturday, June 30, 2012

HUEVOS RANCHEROS - Endsville / Dig In! / Get Outta Dodge / 45's


Are you into heavy surf instros ? Well, these Canadian gararage/punk surfers are. Formed in Calgary in 1990. they released a bunch of singles and albums diggin' through harder walls of sound. Huevos Rancheros perform an instrumental blend of rockabilly, surf, grunge and punk music. Most of their releases were handled by Mint Records. In the year 1998, album Get Outta Dodge was nominated for a Juno Award in the Best Alternative Album category. If you're into stuff like Los Straitjackets, Link Wray, later Davie Allan, this is for you. Dig In!



Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nebulas - Nebula One / It's Go! Time / The Nebulas


"A nebula (from Latin: "cloud") is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases." [From Wikipedia]

An interstellar request from Denis "The Space Surfer". From Boston Mass. hails The Nebulas, the space-age surfin' instrumental combo.With their Dick Dale/Ventures inspired instros they surf the deep space searchin' for the killer reverberation comet. Sharing the stage with such acts as Boss Martians, Satan's Pilgrims, The Ghastly Ones, The Infrareds ... they establish themselves as "New England's Premier Instrumental Surf Combo." Is that so ?!? Well, check 'em out !

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS - The Arrow Dynamic Sounds Of [1999]

3rd studio album in the Great!!! series of 90's comeback Lps for Davie Allan. Improving the sound he created on Loud Loose and Savage, Davie continues to use the winning formula for his instrumental blast. Merging The Fuzz with fresh Garage/Punk sound [check Fuzz Fest] he shows he's more than able to cope with the new Garage generation. Few trax are renditions of his old stuff, but the rest kick serious ass! 

 01 Blues Theme/The Born Losers Theme
02 Fast and Loose
03 Encounter
04 Peyote
05 Dakota
06 James Bond Theme/Goldfinger
07 Another Moped in Schenectady
08 Flashback
09 Fender Bender
10 Space Rift
11 Organized
12 '67 Comeback
13 Journey into Darkness
14 Cry of the Lonely
15 The Unknown

Another Moped in Schenectady
Fast and Loose
Fender Bender


Thursday, June 28, 2012

CONCUSSION!!! - 18 Gougin' Instrumentals

Almost classic instro. compilation on Mr. Manicotti label. Raw & Rare Rock instrumentals from '58-'65. The guys from Manicotti are responsible for such great comps. as The Big Itch series and legendary Diggin' Out comp.


DICK DALE - Live!!! Santa Monica, July 18, 1996

Great sounding live set from one of Mr.Dale 90's comeback appearances. Teriffic stuff with photos by Hugh Brown & Killer Cd Covers designed by The Surf Nut.

Long Live King of The Surf Guitar !!!

 Shredded Heat


w/ Sveta “Zombie Girl” of Messer Chups

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

THE HOLLYWOODS - st [2001]

Don't know what got in to me lately, but I'm in the mood for somethin really raw and trashy. Well, as announced, here are The Hollywoods from Sweden. These bloody swedes gonna tear your ear-holes with their brand of raw & brutal, almost no-fi surf instros. Why these guys never got on MTV is beyond me. They look so cute with those bank robbery masks. If you're into groups like The Mummies, The Cormans, Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks and that kinda stuff, this will appeal to you. On the other hand you'll gonna hate it. Anyways, this stuff is rare as heck, so be polite! SURFADELIC is proud to present no.1 pop group from Sweden [nor The Hives, Mando Diao or Abba, but] The HOLLYWOODS. On yer knees! Dig!!!


Hypnotic Walk
Werewolf Boy
Dresscode Wooden Suit


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks - The Birdnest Years

 The Birdnest Years 

Due to request from Maria, here's a garage/surf attraction from Sweden. No, it's not 100 years old blues legend backed up by some crazy surfers,  it's a bunch of wyld Swedes playin' some pretty raw surf instros with special electronic effects. Heavy influences by Link Wray is pretty evident on this retrospective that gathers all of their Buzz Aldrin and Aloha From Havana Lps plus lotsa rare trax from 1995 - 1997. Raw & Wild as it should be. There be more stuff to come from these guys, but this is it for now. As you all know: "The Best is Yet to Come" Stay Tuned !!!

3 Balls Of Fire - Chrome & Water / FirePower

                           3 BALLS OF FIRE                          

Exceptional request from our friend Denis, this time leads us to Texas & New Mexico, the home of Mike Vernon and his band 3 Balls of Fire, AKA The Men with the Burning Guitars. Formed in 1987. by guitarist/songwriter Burnin' Mike Vernon, The Balls released several albums & performed with such acts as Link Wray, Nokie Edwards of the Ventures, Jerry Cole, Wanda Jackson ... Their Texas flavored style laidback instros. somehow reminds me on Stevie Ray Vaughan
You could hear 'em on a supercool compilation For A Few Guitars More [A Tribute to Ennio Morricone] and now here are two full lenght albums for your surfin' pleasure. Enjoy!

Sea of Tranquillity

Star of Texas

Alcohol Funny Car

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Docteur Legume - La Planete Sauvage [2011]

                              DOCTEUR LEGUME                           
  et Les Surfwerks  

Outer-space Doc. came to our planet with specific kind of drug [medicine or dope ?!?] On his mission to induce Erotic Psychosis state of mind, he uses sound & vision creations with such immaculate perfection you can't resist. Back to reality,   Docteur Legume  [aka Massimiliano Bocchio] is unique one man surf band from Italy. That means he played all instruments you can hear, all by himself !!! Maybe not at the same time, but there's a touch of genius anyways. He's somethin' like Hasil Adkins of Surf music [Ha!]. By creating imaginative retro videos he drew public attention, and now here is a 2nd full lenght album from 2011. Surf / Sci-Fi / Erotica instros. This stuff is one of the kind, don't miss it !


More Docteur Legume stuff

Saturday, June 23, 2012

GET A BOARD! 16 Surf and Hot Rod Ho-Downs!

Another cool comp. of rare 60's hot rod/surf from Satan Records. As with Riot City!, Hang It Out To Dry!, What A Way To Die, Wail On The Beach! ... guys at Satan Rec. did a great job collecting rare stuff from blazing 60's. Here you have great raw vocals & instros like legendary Hopped Up Mustang by Arlen Sanders, Morpheous by Toads, Side-Swiped by Torquetts, Kick Out by The Safaris, The Chopper by The Crestones, some pretty demented garage fun of Be Billy by Pat And The Californians, cool girlgroup sounds of  Don't Drag No More by Susan Lynne ... Half of these trax you got on Wail On The Beach! Lp, but what the heck, you can get 'em one more time. Dig! 

The Crestones - The Chopper
Toads - Morpheous
Pat And The Californians - Be Billy
Arlen Sanders - Hopped up Mustang


DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS - From Paradise To Hell [1987]

A collection of Davie Allan's 80's recordings. Pretty interesting stuff  'cause ya know what was dominating the 80's sound ? Yesss, the ugly cheesy synthesizers. But wait, that's not necessarily bad, it's just kinda bizarre, after all it's our hero Davie so nothin' can go wrong. Couple of trax are well known from great Loud, Loose and Savage collection. There's also '82 Stoked on Surf singl,  Surf Trek w/ Dick Dale & just one more oddity, a country rendition of Blues Theme called Brew's Theme. Don't miss it!

1 Stoked On Surf (Medley)
2 Outer Surf
3 Polyurethane
4 James Bond Theme / Goldfinger
5 Brew's Theme
6 Stoked On Christmas (Medley)
7 Invasion Of The Body Surfers
8 Deep Six
9 Apache III
10 Supercycle
11 Little Big Horn
12 Surf Trek
13 Angel With A Devil's Heart
14 Blue's Theme (From "The Wild Angels")
15 Run Of The Arrow
16 Flashback
17 Peter Gunn / Baby Elephant Walk
18 Dawn Of The 7th Cavalry
19 Cruel World
20 Left Turn On Arrow Only
21 Grungy

Surf Trek w/ Dick Dale
Angel With A Devil's Heart


Thursday, June 21, 2012

THE KINGSMEN - On Campus [1965]

Talkin' 'bout frat rock, here are the kings of campus parties, The Kingsmen. On their 4th album they continue to use their unbeatable formula for success, covers of R&B/Rock classics + frenzied crowd with "3D sound". There's a couple of ultra-simple originals like Annie Fanny and The Climb, just to show who's the boss! With great covers of Genevieve (Huey "Piano" Smith) and Rosalie (Rockin' Robin Roberts) this is probably my favorite Kingsmen Lp. This issue comes with bonus trax minus fake live audience sound. Pretty basic, silly rock'n'roll fun. 
So if you expected some 17 minutes songs of prog-rock originality, stick to your secret Phil Collins record/mp3 collection. This is the 60's frat-rock prime time!

Annie Fanny


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Astronauts - Everything Is A-Ok ! / Astronauts Orbit Kampus / Go...Go...Go!!!


Another cool request from Mr.X. Here's more stuff by you're favorite landlocked Midwest surf band. This time less in surf but more in frat rock, beat, and garage direction.  A bunch of Lp's mainly with covers of rock'n'roll classics by Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly... somehow similar to another legendary campuses touring group The Kingsmen, but with better results. I never thought of, but now it seems to me that they were one of the first groups with garage sound, beside The Wailers, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Kingsmen ... Hmmmmm. Well who knows ?!? Go...Go...Go!!!

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