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Friday, August 31, 2012

JAYNE COUNTY - Private Oyster [1986] Vinyl Rip!!!

Jayne County's comeback through the early- to mid-'80s never received the attention it deserved -- or demanded. Indeed, by the time this album finally appeared in 1986, many of the fans who'd hooted through her live shows of two or three years previously had already moved away -- meaning they might never have gotten their hands on one of the finest collections of songs County had ever put her name to. "I Fell in Love with a Russian Soldier" and "The Lady Dye Twist" might have jokey titles -- indeed, the latter had jokey lyrics as well, as County demands a wedding "just like Lady Diana." But both songs are a solid pop master class regardless, a mood that stretches over the remainder of this infuriatingly seldom-seen album. Several of the songs are familiar from past outings -- the live Rock 'n' Roll Resurrection included both "Bad in Bed" and "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl," but the new versions are at least as powerful as those renditions, and Private Oyster's only real downfall lies in the less than lavish production that is draped across the grooves. An album like this needed a genius at the controls -- Phil Spector or Andrew Loog Oldham should have produced County, or, failing that, Todd Rundgren or Bob Ezrin. Instead -- the record still sounds good. But it should have been better.

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl ?!?

Yeah sure, He's a Girl. Wayne became Jayne and made this luscious pop punk solo album, an pretty overlooked 80's gem. It sounds as the Drag Queen of Punk teamed up with Phil Spector himself and made this wall of sound, girl group punk Lp. At intro. Private Oyster Jayne reveals fascination with 60's psychedelic garage, girl groups, glam, Castaways, Count Five, 13th Floor Elevators, Shangri-Las, Stooges... her own creations, her own private world. And that's why it's so great. There's a cool covers of The Barbarians Are You A Boy... and The Swingin' Medallions - Double Shot [of My Baby's Love] as well as versions of her old tunes like Man Enough... and Bad In Bed. But the main thing is a killer stuff like Fun In America, funny as hell I Fell In Love With A Russian Soldier, Xerox That Man, The Lady Dye Twist and great ballad Love Lives On Lies
"I wanna wedding just like lady Diana..." Ok Jayne, you really deserved it!
Vinyl Rip by luscious Mr.Eliminator

 Fun In America
The Lady Dye Twist

Thursday, August 30, 2012

WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS - Storm the Gates of Heaven [1978]

"Are You Man Enough... to be a Woman ???"

Vinyl rip of this Classic!!! Punk Lp from N.Y. City Queen and the electrified crew. Great follow up to their legendary debut album. Continuing stories of underground exploration in morality, normality, religion, sex, politics and Rock'n'Roll. Some of my all time punk favs are here... Cry of Angels, Mr. Normal, Speed Demon, Trying to Get on the Radio... One of the best covers of Electric Prunes, I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night, great ballad Tomorrow Is Another Day... Awesome! Dig!

 Cry of Angels
Speed Demon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lost Legends Of The Surf Guitar [Vol.1 - 4]


Pretty decent four volumes compilation set of 60's surf instrumental winners and losers. Some well known surf groups mixed with lesser known acts. Here you got Original Surfaris, Pyramids, Jesters, Trashmen, Jerry Cole & His Spacemen, New Dimensions, Rhythm Rockers, Tornadoes, Challengers, Avengers VI, Belairs... HOLY S*IT! Ain't that too  much surf action ?!? Check it out!



Strange Lp split between two imaginary bands. Again it's a Mercury/Wing studio project that includes Davie Allan and Mike Curb. Surf/Hot Rod vocals and instros with few covers of hit tunes like Little Honda, Leader of the Pack, GTO... Some are well known Davie Allan & The Arrows tunes turned into vocal trax like Rebel and Von Zipper. Anyways, pretty interesting rare stuff. Dig!!!

Von Zipper


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Husky & The Sandmen - Arabian Nights [1996]

 Arabian Nights 

As request from Denis, here are Husky & The Sandmen from Helsinki, Finland. Classic 60's influenced surfin' instumentals with touch of Ventures and Middle Eastern flavores. Here & there some cool organ sounds reminds on Avengers VI style. Here you deal with mostly fine original tunes and couple of covers. Highlights: Suki Yaki Stomp, Four Stroke Stomp, Surfin' Mosquito, Big Cyclone, Batcave... Interesting version of Link Wray classic Cross Ties. Dig!

Four Stroke Stomp
Big Cyclone

Langhorns - Club Gabarino [1999]

 Club Gabarino 

Some of the best modern surf acts comes from Scandinavia. Lund, Sweden is a home for Langhorns, an instro/surf band that started their trip in late 90's. This is their 2nd Lp [3rd is great! Mission Exotica 2003] of exotica flavored surfin' instrumental action. Pretty modern surf sound with some lounge,  spaghetti western episodes. All tunes are originals except The Victor, cover of a Dick Dale classic. Cool stuff indeed.

Pit Stop Stampede

Monday, August 27, 2012

THE BUDDIES - Go Go With The Buddies [1965]

This is a re-post of superfine studio project with Davie Allan and composer/producer Mike Curb. As The Buddies they recorded two fine Hot Rod/Surfin'Lps in '65, of which this is the better one. Great set of vocal cuts with few instrumental tunes you can recognize from Davie Allan & The Arrows records. One of my favorite surfin' vocal Lps. with one of my alltime fav. song I'll Surf around The World. For The Hondells fans. The West Coast Action Sound!

I'll Surf around The World
Ski Jump


THE COCKTAIL PREACHERS - Spy-Fi [2001] + Nothing Much Was Happening


Hailed from Hammond, Indiana, The Cocktail Preachers hit the public view with the release of the 1999. Surf Monsters compilation from Del-Fi which included track "Albatross Joe" from their debut release "Nothing Much was Happening".  Their music is a cool mix of classic Surf, Jazz , Spy and SF sounds. Stand-out trax Bailout, Pajama Party, Mecca, Kickstart Torpedo, Go Betty, Deep Deep Space...  Here you got both releases in one zip. Dig!

Pajama Party
Deep Deep Space

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Tormentos - Grab Your Board! [2004]


First Lp for this reverberated Gauchos. The Tormentos [The Fears] are Argentinian instro-surf attraction formed in Buenos Aires in 2001. Influenced by such 60's surf acts as The Astronauts, Pyramids, Dick Dale & The Ventures, they cherish classic instrumenal surfin' style with lotsa reverb, plenty of glissando and tremolo. Here you got mix of original tunes and some covers as "Surf Party" (Astronauts), "Scatter Shield" (Surfaris), "Moon Over Marin" (Dead Kennedys). So surfers, if you're into Satan's Pilgrims, Phantom Surfers thing, this is for you. Hot stuff! Grab It!

 New Wave

Friday, August 24, 2012

THE BAMBI MOLESTERS - As The Dark Wave Swells [2010]

Great comeback album for this Croatian retro surfers. Cool Spaghetti Western influenced instros with little bit slower tempo than on previous efforts, but nonetheless pretty surfin'. With rich, carefully thought-out arrangements, they hit the new dramatic depths. Highlights  include The Kiss-Off, Into The Crimson Sunset, Panic Party, Mindbender, title tune and thunderin' cover of Thundering Guitar [Jeujene & The Jaybops]. Great cover art too. Quality stuff on Surfadelic late august swells.


Los Pops - Ep's [1967]


Little known Spanish 60's garage/pop group I recently discovered through cool garage Tommentón en la Cuadra blog. Los Pops hailed from Mallorca, and in 1967. they recorded 3 EP's for obscure Regal label. Mostly they did covers of Troggs, Animals, Beatles, Procol Harum, Herman's Hermits, with few fine originals. Nothin' revolutionary but decent. If you're into rare non-english speaking 60's stuff this is for you. Sympatico!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Surfadelic Presents - LET'S FREAK OUT ! [Wyld 60's Garage Mod Beat]

"Hey People, Let's Freak Out !" shouted Belfast Gypsies, so why not ?!? Let's get wyld with brand new Surfadelic collection of raw Mod/Freakbeat 60's sounds. Now, this here is a compilation of non US groups, which means you have to deal with Freakbeat/Garage favs from UK, Australia, Island, Netherland, Canada, Italy... That means lotsa reinless, unrestrained rock'n'roll fun. There's great wild Aussie stuff like Derek's Accent - Ain't Got No Feeling, Master's Apprentices - Undecided, Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects - I'm Going Back, Ray Columbus & The Art Collection - Kick Me, Barrington Davis Powerpact - Raining Teardrops... Killer PUNK-BEAT from Island Thor's Hammer and Duch legends The Outsiders, UK Freakbeat aces Downliners Sect, Birds, Sorrows, The Eyes, Syndicats...
Wow! seems like beaucoup rock action goin' on here. Yeah, It's a Big Beat Country Dance! Check it out... Now! Dig!

 Derek's Accent - Ain't Got No Feeling
 Boys Blue - You Got What I Want
 Bo Street Runners - And I Do Just What I Want
 Thor's Hammer - Big Beat Country Dance

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Electric Banana - Blows Your Mind [1967- 1969]


It's not just that the mysterious Electric Banana is in fact a disguised Pretty Things hiding under another name -- they were anonymously recording music for London films, such as 1969's What's Good for the Goose, which they also appear in -- but it's them at their best! These 15 tracks from the original mini-LPs find singer Phil May, guitarist Dick Taylor, and co. during 1967-1968, at precisely the time they were also working on their masterpiece S.F. Sorrow at Abbey Road with Beatles engineer Norman Smith. So the superb news is that the sound and style is exactly like a side three and four of that sizzling rock opera! In fact, a different version of that LP's "I See You" appears here, and on the other selections, the riffs, dirty but clear production, and standout harmonies are all in exactly the same quantity and quality. That many of the tracks can match S.F. Sorrow's biggest achievements is nothing short of shocking -- the dazzling "Street Girl" and "Eagle's Son" are even nearly as swanky and mesmerizing as "Baron Saturday" or the epic "Bracelet of Fingers." Can it really be possible? Blows Your Mind is a relic of the British psychedelic era, fairly on par with that decade's most ambitious, breathtaking achievements by the Kinks, Beatles, Zombies, Hollies, Pink Floyd, Move, Stones, Yardbirds, and Who. No kidding, this instantly becomes the Pretty Things' second best LP, besting S.F. Sorrow's "proper" follow-up, Parachute. It's also stronger, more daring, and more complete than the band's patchy if delightfully feral early rave-up LPs, The Pretty Things and Get the Picture?, as well as the unfinished-sounding transition LP, Emotions. Hot stuff for sure, from English psychedelic pop/rock giants! [allmusic]


Electric Banana or The Pretty Things ?


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Cake - The Cake (1967)


The Cake are a 1960s girl group formed in New York in 1966, starting out as an a cappella vocal group. What set The Cake apart from other girl groups of the time is that they recorded their own material, as well as a number of R&B standards. Their own songs were in the vein of 1960s baroque pop with intricate madrigal-style vocal harmonies. They released two albums on Decca Records, The Cake (1967) and A Slice Of Cake (1968). Both were recorded at the Gold Star Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Their debut single was the Jack Nitzsche and Jackie De Shannon penned song, "Baby, That's Me". The production of the song, which was arranged by Harold Battiste, aped the Wall of Sound technique created by Nitzsche and Phil Spector. 
Gimme piece of cake!

 World Of Dreams
 You Can Have Him

Surfadelic Experience Vol.3 - It's Trash [90 Minutes Psychedelic Trans]

Due to popular demand, here is 3rd instalment of Garage/Psych compilation series Surfadelic Experience, created by undisputed psychedelic guru Mr.Eliminator. It will take you on the 90 minutes trip to the Acidland, the land of Fuzz, Acid and Flowers, you'll never wont to leave. The music in this collection dates from '67. to '69. so some later heavy psych can be expected. All the stuff has U.S. origins except couple of UK acts as Magic Mixture and Chords Five. Here you have creme of U.S. garage/psych like Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, Paisleys, The Id, David... as well as some lesser known groups. Even The Sonic made psychedelic attempt. Lots of ace, classic underground stuff ... Galaxies IV - Don’t Lose Your Mind, Werps - Shades Of Blue, Crystal Rain - You And Me, The Cave Men - It's Trash...

Rabbit Mackay - Tendency To Be Free

Werps - Shades Of Blue

Zig Zag People - Peace Of Mind


Monday, August 20, 2012

Jon & The Nightriders - Moving Target [1999]


Their 5th studio album. Cool mix of originals and covers. Highlights include Trailblazer, Moving Target. Molokai Cocktail, great cover of Dick Dale classic Shake N' Stomp, Thunder Over Rincon, fine take on classics Be My Baby/Don't Worry Baby, Hidden... Take it off!

 Shake N' Stomp

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Surfadelic Presents - EXPERIMENT IN COLOR [60's Garage Punk Ravers]

Here are more U.S. 6O's garage favorites from Surfadelic depths. Fuzzed out ravers that should've been on the top of the national charts those days but didn't make it. Well, they can hit my top list any day. Lotsa ace stuff pulled out from various garage comps and albums, gathered for your listening pleasure. 
Ok, it's a <360> Low-Fi Surfadelic sound Experiment In Color! Get Down On Your Knees 'n' Dig!

Davie Allan & the Arrows - Skaterdater Rock

Bud & Kathy - Hang It Out To Dry

Rooks - A Girl Like You

The Blues Company - Experiment In Color

JON & THE NIGHTRIDERS - Charge Of The Nightriders [1983]

This one goes to Miss Surfer as she asked for it. Jon & The Nightriders, a bunch of very first retro surfers from Riverside, CA, started in late 70's. They delivered classic surf instros in tradition of Dick Dale. The band was in the forefront of the second surf-rock wave when they released their first album Surf Beat '80 in 1980. After several record releases Jon & The Nightriders disbanded in 1984. The band reunited in the late 80s third surf-rock wave for the album Stampede !! (1990) and released later the album Fiberglass Rocket (1996). Band leader John Blair is an authority on the history of the first wave of surf-rock and has produced both the surf music compilation box Cowabunga! The Surf Box on Rhino Records and the surf-rock book Illustrated Discography Of Surf Music 1961-65 (published 1978).


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