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Sunday, September 30, 2012

THE PENETRATORS - Kings Of The High-Speed Weekend [1996]

Debut album for these Atlanta, Georgia surfers. They made appearance on so many garage/surf compilation as For a Few Guitars More, Mondo Drive-In, Takin' Out the Trash, Hot Rods to Hell! Volume II... so you got to know 'em by now. Surf revival inspired by 60's acts like Astronauts, Chantays, Pyramids... Highlights includes Night Of The Drunken Cheerleaders, The Wind Beneath My Kilt, Lamento A Go-Go, Melodie's Dilemma... It's a High-Speed Weekend allright! Dig!

 Night Of The Drunken Cheerleaders
 The Wind Beneath My Kilt

Saturday, September 29, 2012

THEE HEADCOATS - The Kids Are All Square: This Is Hip! [1990]

3rd Lp for Billy and Headcoats crew and one of their best. Under the strong influence from 60's garage legends The Sonics and Downliners Sect, Thee Headcoats formed their own cult. Here you got "Hip" stuff like Monkey's Paw, I'm a Gamekeeper, Ballad of Fogbound Pinhead, All my Feelings Denied, Davey Crockett [w/Headcoatees] ... get it! Hip!

Monkey's Paw

THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES - Jumpin' In The Night [1979]

Re-post of 6th studio album for Groovies and third and final they done for Sire Rec. After their power pop masterpiece Shake Some Action (1976), the Groovies did actually release two equally great albums, Now (1978) and Jumpin' in the Night (1979) both in the same winning style as Action: Brit invasion, early rock'n'roll and Byrds jangle, done with enough attitude to compete with current punk scene. These two albums have been put down because of their reliance on covers, instead of originals. Make up your own minds. Here you got great original tunes that sounds like classics: Next One Crying, First Plane Home, In The U.S.A., Yes I Am, Tell Me Again and Jumpin' In The Night. Cool covers of Zevon's Werewolves Of London, Dylan's Absolutely Sweet Marie and Byrds Lady Friend. Dig!!!

 Jumpin' In The Night
 First Plane Home


Friday, September 28, 2012

The Cramps - The Secret Life Of The Cramps

                The Secret Life Of  THE CRAMPS               

This is a collection of trax from various EPs, singles plus some demo, live and rehearsal tunes, from 1986-1996 . Cool stuff all around and all the way, from your favorite Garage-Billy-Trash-Fetish group. So, Dig Or Die! It's Mighty Crazy! Dig!

Beat Out My Love
It's Mighty Crazy
Confessions Of A Psychocat

Thursday, September 27, 2012

THE SURFDUSTERS - Surf After Dark [1998]

Vancouver’s The Surfdusters were Western Canada’s premier rock and surf instrumental band. Founded in 1989 by lead guitarist Ralph Johnston and rhythm guitarist Rich Hagensen, The Surfdusters recorded three full length CDs – ‘Raincoast Rumble’‘Surf After Dark’…& ‘Save The Waves’; one 7” vinyl EP ‘Waves Of Pleasure’, and were on scores of vinyl and CD instrumental compilations throughout the world. They played mostly around Vancouver where they shared the stage with instrumental kings Dick Dale & The Del-Tones, The Ventures, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet as well as numerous rock’n roll, punk, country swing, and rockabilly bands. 

Forgotten Rebel

Surf Buggy

The Hellbenders - Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die [2004]

                            THE HELLBENDERS                           
 Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die 

The Hellbenders are a great spaghetti western / country / cowpoke combo Featuring 3/4 of renowned surf / Instr band The Volcanos. After releasing two great CD's for Estrus Records, along with a whole bunch of 7 "ers, most of the band decided to do a" side-project "and came up with this fabulous 21 track release. Featuring 9 instrumental songs, 8 vocal songs and 4 short instrumental interludes, this is great listening for fans of The Sadies, Ennio Morricone, Friends Of Dean Martinez, Johnny Cash and Calexico.  Load your guns! Kill!

Winchester Justice

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack Rabbit Slim - Sin Uendo [2005]

                             JACK RABBIT SLIM                            

Debut album from one of the hottest Rockabilly bands ever to come out of the UK. In tradition of Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'Roll Trio, they roll through new rockabilly classics Long Time Dead, The Touch, Gypsy Curse, Voodoo Slide... Best retro-billy since Stray Cats. Dig!

Long Time Dead

Jerry Nolan - Take A Chance With Me 7'' [1982]

                                   JERRY NOLAN                                 
 Take A Chance With Me 

Best known for his work with The New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Nolan recorded this 7'' in Sweden where he lived through the 1980s. Playing drums and singing lead vocals he recorded an unreleased Heartbreakers' song, "Take A Chance With Me" and a new song, "Pretty Baby" with new band the Teneriffa Cowboys. It was released in 1982 on Tandan Records. Take A Chance!

Take A Chance With Me
Pretty baby

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BARRACUDAS - Through The Mysts Of Time [Rarities 1978-81]

Rougher and rawer than this old English power pop quartet's otherwise fun singles and LPs, this 71-minute, 25-track collection of earlier demos, outtakes, and other rarities replaces such works as 1981's Drop Out and 1983's Mean Time as the definitive statement on a truly underrated band '60s-infested. The Barracudas were looking back in the midst of the punk revolution - covering Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "Little Red Book" Just Like Love or The Standells - and succeeding just the same, probably because, like the unrelated but not totally dissimilar mode revival bands of the time, they brought a purely modern crunch and crackle to the thick guitars underneath the songs about girls. This is boy / girl pop punkish before it became an '80s / '90s staple! [allmusic]


Grammar Of Misery

Tokyo Rose

Bad News


Collection of 50's & 60's Rock'n'Roll, R&B and Garage tunes, The Swingin' Neckbreakers put under their spell. Similar concept to Songs We Taught The Cramps, Fuzztones, Lyres, Mummies, Dirtbombs etc. Gathered & arranged by Mr.Eliminator. Get it!

The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Vista Cruiser Country Squire [2008]

                THE RAMBLIN' AMBASSADORS                
 Vista Cruiser Country Squire 

Vista Cruiser Country Squire lands firmly between "Psychobilly Freakout" and "Once Upon a Time In the West." This new release boasts eight high-octane originals as well as nods to the past through tasty covers of The Surftones, The Bel-Airs and a re-write of The Sadies' "Rat Creek".
Vista Cruiser Country Squire is an album that balances tremolo and twang with groove and grind. In a genre where clichés and cheesy homages to Dick Dale abound, The Ramblin' Ambassadors serve up their love for un-ironic vintage sounds with no best-before date. This album feels equally at home in the barroom, at the BBQ, or the beach.
Vista Cruiser Country Squire was recorded, mostly live off-the-floor, by Russell Broom (Chixdiggit, The Dudes, Jann Arden) in the band's Calgary, Alberta rehearsal space and features Brent Cooper of Huevos Rancheros fame on lead guitar. [mint records]

2nd long player for this Canadian Garage/Surf/Instro ramblers. Continuation of fuzzed-out style from their debut lp, this time with covers of tunes like Cecilia Ann [The Surftones], Kamikaze [The Bel-Airs], Lonesome Rambler [The Lonely Drugster by Bobby Fuller Four] and high-octain originals. Link provided by Enrique. Dig!

Speed Wobble
Lonesome Rambler

Monday, September 24, 2012


                            POLYESTER SHOCK                            

Garage/Punk band from Belgrade, Serbia. Formed in late 90's and raised on influences from Detroit late 60's rock scene and 70's CBGB punk scene with The Stooges, Mc5,  New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Ramones, Electric Chairs... they recorded 3 albums and bunch of videos. My ex gang. Dig!



The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Avanti [2003]

                THE RAMBLIN' AMBASSADORS                

The Rambin' Ambassadors grabbed the instrumental garage rock reigns dropped during the dissolution of Calgary's Huevos Rancheros with both hands. Helmed by ace guitar slinger and biggest egg Brent J. Cooper along with bassist Scott Nickless and Tyler Pickering on the skins, their debut album Avanti has all the swagger of the '60s southern California surf scene and an old west opium den compressed into nine tight aural opuses. Over time, The Rambin' Ambassadors have gone farther than The Ventures, made more connections than Link Wray, and this album is where that growth all started. [mint records]

Avanti starts off just the way the name of the band suggests: ramblin'. The Ramblin' Ambassadors draw from their influences and pay homage through a few covers. Avanti's instrumentals weave through Western rambles, Morricone and Calexico style, the rockabilly/psychobilly sound of Flat Duo Jets, and the surf guitar stylings of the likes of Dick Dale or the Ventures. "Theme from 'The Ramblin' Bastards'" is a walkin' tune that pulses with lots of hard-hitting guitars and heightens with an interesting distorted picking solo. Where The Ramblin' Ambassadors peak is on a Brian Connelly-penned track, "Twenty Original Fembots." The guitars have a wonderful haunting tone, the harmonies of the melody build the atmosphere, and the rhythm section pumps along, making you realize that this song is from Connelly, who was a part of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. All tracks are short, tight, and have a lot of energy, but are definitely something that you've heard done many times before. What saves the familiarity is that the record clocks in at 24 minutes; you get your fix and get out. For those who are submerged in the rockabilly culture, The Ramblin' Ambassadors' Avanti might prove to be a nice, sweet listening treat to add to your collection. [allmusic]

My friend Enrique sent me a link for this cool Canucks garage/surf band. If you dig  "Heavy surf " of Huevos Rancheros, with some spaghetti/western and rockabilly influences you'll gonna like this. There's even a cover of Sid Presley Experience Hup Two Three Four. Dig!

Dig! or Dig!

Twenty Original Fembots
Dead Man's Flats

Sunday, September 23, 2012

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS - Blues Theme [1967] Vinyl Rips !!!

"Blues Theme" is arguably the most famous track by Davie Allan & the Arrows. It was recorded quickly on Mike Curb's Tower label for the soundtrack to the move Wild Angels - Peter Fonda's first biker flick and just before Easy Rider. With wild, screaming fuzz guitar and a surf beat, it signifies the sound of the LA Strip in 1967 and embodies - in its two-hour-and-ten-seconds - all the cultural elements of its soundtrack - the waning surf scene that traveled it, the muscle cars that roared through its lanes, the dawn of acid -crazed hippies floating down it, and the speed-drenched outlaw biker tribes who haunted it. The rest of the album is a literal pastiche of tracks that were issued under other names, and for slightly doctored from other soundtracks - there were seven between the Arrows' first album, Apache '65, Blues Theme and - or simply renamed. These include "King Fuzz," an instrumental remake of "The Twirl" by Harley Hatcher, "Theme from the Unknown," which had several names in earlier releases on 45 rpm's, and "Fuzz Theme," that was later re-titled "The Young World, "for the soundtrack to Teen Rebellion. [allmusic] 
A cornerstone of "Psychedelic Surf" or "Garage Surf", again on Surfadelic, this time in 360° sound vinyl rips. This album deserves to be heard in both version 'cause it's pretty much a Must!!! In just little over 18 minutes you will learn who's the boss of Mosrite Doubleneck guitar rumble and who's "The KING Of FUZZ". With cult tunes Blues Theme, King Fuzz, Action on the Street, Theme from the Unknown [U.F.O.], Fuzz Theme, Theme from the Wild Angels, cool take on John Barry's "Thunderball", Davie and crew raise  the impenetrable wall of Fuzz-sound. Legendary!!!

King Fuzz

Theme from Thunderball

Fuzz Theme

LINK WRAY - Apache / Wild Side Of The City Light [1989]

                                    LINK WRAY                                    

A re-post of this late 80's session with Thee Headcoats/Milkshakes/Mighty Caesars drummer Bruce Brand, recorded at Pathway Studios, London. Two separate Lps were produced from this collaboration, with Link Wray on Lead Vocals, Guitar and Bruce playin' Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Harmonica, Bass Guitar and Piano. Some ace instro stuff The Wild One, Shawnee, The Joker, Green Hornet, Hotel Loneliness, American Sunset, vocal Beautiful Brown Eyes, solid take on Apache, mixed with some so so tunes and covers. Dig!!!

 Hotel Loneliness
The Joker


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