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Friday, November 30, 2012

THE*ROYAL FINGERS - Wild Eleki Deluxe [2001]

Wild Eleki Deluxe is the Royal Fingers' rip-roaring surf rock ride for Del-Fi. With riffs and grooves that move with the best surf tunes of yesteryear, the Japanese trio draws the listener back to a time of beach parties, longboards, woodies, and surfer girls. There are covers of other Japanese songwriters on here, like Kosaku Dan's hard-rocking "Black Sand Beach," the countrified "Running Donkey," and the garage jam "The L.A.," as well as originals that crystallize the band's love for such an American genre. "Ace of Toyota," an amazing name for a song, is like Link Wray sped up for cruising in a compact car. "Wild Datsun" takes the theme to street drag racing. "Crazy Sue Sax" is a hand-clapper that brings on the saxophone. The atmospheric "Echo Rocket 66" finishes things up with a Pulp Fiction flair. This is a pretty straightforward take on surf rock and doesn't sound entirely new. But Wild Eleki Deluxe is pure fun, and one can't ask for much more than that. Dig!

The Little Killers - The Little Killers [2003]

                       THE LITTLE KILLERS                       

Inspired by rock and punk icons such as Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, and Johnny Thunders, New York City's the Little Killers play stripped-down, super-charged garage punk. Formed in 2001 by vocalist/guitarist Andy Maltz, bassist Sara Nelson, and drummer Kari Boden, the band cut its teeth on the local club scene before signing with Crypt Records and releasing its eponymous debut in 2003. Their second Crypt release, 2006's Real Good One, features the same exciting blend of high energy rock & roll and hooky songcraft that made the first record such a delight.
The Little Killers rock and The Little Killers roll. There isn't much more to it than that. This is their first record and you would be hard-pressed to find another garage-punk-country-blues-pop band that is better than them. Their record is streamlined three chords and a curled-up lip-lock that isn't a copy of anyone. Or in thrall to anyone. The White Stripes? Too ironic and self-aware. The Hives? Not tuneful enough. The Strokes? Way too '70s. This list could go on and on but shouldn't and won't because all that really matters is the joyful noise (on teenage blasts like "Butterfingers," the cute "Pucker Up," and "Choppin' Block") that this N.Y.C. trio makes. Every song is tough as tough, a lo-fi but not sloppy blend of guitar howl and gutter croon that speeds past in a half-hour that feels like five minutes. Not a duff track to be found, this is probably the best record The Little Killers will ever make and it is one of the best rock & roll records of 2003. Pure rock with a sock. If that's what you like, The Little Killers got it and got it good. Dig!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CRIMSON SHADOWS - Out Of Our Minds [1984-86]

The Crimson Shadows were one of several Swedish bands of the 1980s to emulate the sound of psychedelic-hued 1960s American garage rock, with the requisite cheesy organ, attitude-laden vocals and lyrics, and vocal harmonies to distinguish it from the less melodic punk of the post-'60s variety. They put it out a couple of very rare singles, and although they disbanded in 1986, they briefly reunited in 1988 to record a mini-album. Members of the group went on to join other retro-styled Swedish bands, including the Stomachmouths and the Wylde Mammoths. Guitarists Mans P. Mansson and Jonas Lundberg were still playing together in the early 21st century as part of another Swedish garage band, the Maggots.  
This mixture of released and unreleased material includes both of the Crimson Shadows' singles, at least some of the songs from their EP (the liner notes do not make it clear whether everything from the EP is here), a couple of tracks from various-artists compilations, and more. Even as '60s garage revival, it's no better than average, the singing sometimes crossing the line to over-the-top snottiness that's more childish than threatening (especially on the higher vocals). The reference points, shared by so many likeminded bands, are here: the Music Machine, the Standells, the Chocolate Watch Band, the Haunted, ? & the Mysterians, the Seeds, innumerable minor-league Nuggets and Pebbles groups, and early Pink Floyd at the most psychedelic moments. They wrote all of their own material, and all of it was derivative. There are some odd spoken bits between the tracks that sound like soundbites from a Swedish porn film, and at least that's something you don't hear on many garage revival records. [AMG] Dig!

THE V-LIPS - Greatest Hits [60's Dutch Beat/Punk]

A collection of 16 beat/punk singles by '60s Dutch bands, originally released on the Philips label between 1966 and 1969. The bizarre title is a play on the Philips logo (V-Lips being a mutation of Philips). This tends toward the harder-edged facets of the Dutch '60s rock style, moody R&B/blues influence being especially heavy. It's okay, if a bit monotonous, with some occasional electrifying moments. Group 1850's "I Know" is Dutch psychedelic at its most effective, slightly recalling early Pink Floyd; the Skope's "Be Mine Again" is better known in the U.S. as "Let's Live for Today" by the Grassroots, who put a different set of lyrics to the same tune; the Sound of Imker's "Train of Doomsday" is positively proto-hardcore in its bullheaded simplicity as well as great punk covers of "Let's Dance" by The Tykes and "Louie Louie" by The Falcons. Get It!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The CLIQUE - Complete Recordings 1964/1965 [Vinyl Rip!!!]

                                * THE CLIQUE *                                  

Rare U.K. R&B/Mod/Beat group formed in 1963. They released an Ep in '64 [first four trax] and two 45's, She Ain't No Good in '64 and We Didn't Kiss, Didn't Love, But Now We Do in '65 on Pye label. They played raw R&B simmilar to Pretty Things, but later on developed some mod style, sharing stages with contemporary acts as Small Faces, The Who, The Action, Downliners Sect... Vinyl Rip! Dig!

ATTILA & THE HUNS - Under The Bodhi Tree [1991]

Another overlooked Garage-Psych Revival slab, recorded in late 80's and released in '91 by Music Maniac Records. This aren't Attila & The Huns, the 60's garage heroes, but actually Sheldon “Shelley” Ganz [The Unclaimed] with Lee Joseph and Sylvia Juncosa. Here you got fuzz drenched garage psych with pretty evident influences by The Music Machine, The Standells and Count Five.  Get It!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thee Mighty Caesars - 1st [1985]


"What's that strange creature
I see speeding on my highway
Ain't no Jaguar Thunderbird
that that's a roadrunner bird
I go see if I can catch them
go see if I can catch one of her tailfeathers..."
["Wily Coyote"]

Prime slab o'wax for these Caesars of garage, their 1st on milkshakes records. 8 trax of primitive relentless R&B/Garage-Punk for your bleeding earholes. Here you got every single thing that a coyote needs. It's A Natural Fact! Dig!

"I got a stack of dynamite and a
hundred ton weight
I got TNT birdseed to use as my bait
I got a blunderbuss contraption
and a sherman tank
I got cannon ball fuel injected rollerskates
so little road runner let me put you straight"

Raw Cuts Vol.2 - Swedish Beat [1986]

Raw Cuts Vol.2

Fine comp. of Swedish garage revival/punk groups from 80's. Some real cool Nordic tones. Rare stuff. Vinyl Rip! Dig!

Backdoor Men - Out Of My Mind
Dr Yogami - Plastic Surgeon
Hidden Charms - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows

Monday, November 26, 2012

DICK DALE And His DEL-TONES - Mr.Eliminator [1964] Vinyl Rip!!!

Mr. Eliminator is the fourth studio album by surf pioneer Dick Dale (and his Del-Tones), released in 1964 as somewhat of a follow-up to the previous album Checkered Flag. This album consists mostly of hot-rod or racing themes, whether simply in the names, or in the slight alteration of beats and accompaniment as well, as was seen in the Checkered Flag album. Dale is widely known and famous for incorporating heavy middle-eastern influence into his recordings, and some may argue that "The Victor", a track on the album, as being probably the heaviest in influence. This album was Dale's last venture into the hot-rod style of surf music, and with his next album (and last studio album with the Del-Tones), Summer Surf, he would return to the "regular" style of surf music. [Wiki]

In the early '60s, Capitol Records was having nearly as much success selling hot rod records to teenagers as they were with surf music, and given their good fortune in persuading the Beach Boys to cut some tunes about the joys of fast cars, it came to the surprise of no one that producer Gary Usher, the man behind the Super Stocks, was teamed up with surf guitar legend Dick Dale to cut an album. Released in 1964, Mr. Eliminator features Dale accompanied by Usher's usual team of session pros, including Glen Campbell and Jerry Cole on guitars, Plas Johnson on sax, Bruce Johnston on keyboards, and Earl Palmer behind the drums. With a band like that, you might wonder if there was any room left for Dick Dale, and on the vocal cuts he does sound a bit like an afterthought on his own album, though Dale gives his all as he belts out "50 Miles to Go" and "My X-KE," and tries hard on the lost cause that is "The Squirrel." But when Dale gets to crank up his guitar and let loose on instrumental numbers like "Flashing Eyes," "Taco Wagon," and the title cut, Mr. Eliminator really blasts off -- these are the tunes where Dick Dale gets to be Dick Dale, and even with the greatest band in Hollywood backing him up, he steals the show with his supercharged barrage of notes. [AMG]

And finally, my favorite DD Lp in Surfadelic 5D Ultrasound Vinyl Rip! Rubber smellin' rip roarin' guitar blast from my own original '64 plastic. This is the ultimate Mr.Eliminator sound experience, too superior to be truth. Firing Up!

Nito Fuel

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Violent Femmes leader Gordon Gano’s side project. A gospel-punk slab with Singer/bombshell Zena Von Heppinstall on lead vocals and as major creative force, penning four of the songs and carrying the music with her fabulous voice. Highlights are "Let Me Ride", "Don't Forget About Me," the bluesy "He Said," and the "Let the Church Roll On/I Won't Be Back" medley. Vinyl Rip! Get it!

 Let Me Ride


Founded in tiny Sauk City, WI, in 1959, Cuca Records would go on to become one of the most prolific independent labels of the 1960s -- home to everything from polka to gospel, founder Jim Kirchstein would release about 2,000 singles and 150 LPs during the company's 14-year existence, many of which spotlighted the Midwest's vast garage rock scene. The superb Elemental Instrumentals assembles 28 incendiary instrumentals from Cuca's heyday, most if not all of them making their first-ever appearance on CD -- this is guitar rock at its rawest and most vital, making up in sheer frenzy what it lacks in sophistication. Highlights include the Tornados' "Scalping Party," the Zakons' "Wasted," the Voodoos' "Voodoo Walk," The Citations ''Moonraceand'',  Frank Gay & the Gayblades' "Hades"...

 The Citations - Moonrace


Saturday, November 24, 2012

THE PERSUADERS - Surfer's Nightmare [1963]

Pretty rare R&B/Surf flavored instro slab, with legendary "Tequila man" Daniel Flores aka Chuck Rio on sax. If you dig The Fabulous Wailers "Tall Cool One" you'll probably gonna dig this. Dig!

Friday, November 23, 2012

THE VIPERS · How About Somemore? [1988] + 7'' Ep

Great 2nd Lp for these NY garage rockers. This somehow hugely overlooked record is actually first rate garage revival slab in the same ligue as any The Cynics, The Chesterfield Kings, The Fuzztones, The Miracle Workers, The Fleshtones... stuff. Vinyl Rip! Sound mixed by Mr.Eliminator.

Try Me

How About Somemore?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

LINK WRAY - Big City After Dark [Missing Links Vol.2]

A mix of super-rare cuts, a couple of unissued outtakes, and live material, all from the 1960s. It's rawer than Link Wray's norm (which is durned raw indeed), but not necessarily any less exciting than all but the best of his material in wide circulation. "Big City After Dark" and "Rawhide '63," for instance, have some of the best Wray string-bending you're likely to hear; "Hold It" is pre-Beatles garage rock at its most ferocious. Dig!

Big City After Dark
Dance Contest

BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE - The Lost Sounds Of Adelaide 1965-70

''During the sixties Adelaide had a thriving music scene. Once used inner city basements and cellars became dark, hot, noisy and smoky clubs and discos. Venues like Alan Hale's BEAT BASEMENT, THE SCENE, Alex Innocenti's THE CELLAR and Jim Popoff's BIG DADDY'S filld with teen-agers to hear discs spun by local DJs and local groups pounding out R&B and hits of the day. Bands like the Masters Apprentices, Blues Rags'n Hollers, Southern Gentlemen, Dust'n Ashes, Blues Syndicate, The Vikings/Why 4, The Others, Sounds Of Silence, The Bentbeaks, The Third Party, The Chosen Few, The Harts, Syssys, The Hergs, D-Coys, Inkase, James Taylor Move, The Bucket, Five Sided Circle and many others made their presence felt.Some were lucky enough to release one or maybe two 45s at best, however the emergence of a number of independant recording facilities enables many more to record demos and tracks to mime to on local TV music shows like ACTION or IN TIME. This is what we have here, hidden away for over 40 years, the fruits of that youthful energy hopefully getting some recognition, not afforded them at the time.'' [Liner Notes]

This here is a pretty cool collection of rare 60's Australian Garage/R&B kickers in the same vein as Ugly Things or Before Birdmen Flew comps. [Request by Luca] 


The Syssys - Three Long Days
Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects - I'm Going Back

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surfin' In The Midwest Vol.3

                SURFIN' IN THE MIDWEST Vol.3             

Breakers - Jetstream

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Evans Carroll & The Tempoes - The Monster

Surfin' In The Midwest Vol.1

                SURFIN' IN THE MIDWEST Vol.1              

Raw & Rockin' 60's surf instros from the places that only can see the ocean waves on TV. Well, they could try and surf the lakes  but... Cowabunga!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ear-Piercing Punk Lp [60's Garage]

                           EAR-PIERCING PUNK                          

"Ear-Piercing Punk was originally released back in '79. Basically a Pebbles volume clad in a hideous fluorescent pink Kings Road Punk Rock sleeve, it was designed to trick trendy punk rock kids into purchasing and digging '60s punk sounds. Whether it worked or not, who knows?" (Mike Stax in "Ugly Things")

AIP reissued this collection on CD in 1996, dropping seven tracks from the original collection and adding 11 new tracks, but this here is the original Lp version of this legendary 60's punk comp. Great garage tunes by Bohemian Vendetta, Ugly Ducklings , Dean Carter, The Sparkles... Dig!

Everybody's Goin' Surfin' / Nobody's Goin' Surfin'

Superfine 60's surfin' instro comp. [w/ few vocal cuts] with some well known acts as New Dimensions, Hal Blaine And The Young Cougars, The Buddies, The Hornets, Davie Allan & The Arrows and some lesser known as well. Get It!

 The Bongo Teens - Surfin' Bongos

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