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Monday, December 31, 2012

****************** HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! *****************

************ !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! ***********

...And happy rockin' Holidays with these 2 sexy Swedish chicks. Dig!!!!!!

THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - John Lennon's Corpse Revisited [1989]

As new years eve present to Surfadelic fan from Lisabon, here's the final Mighty Caesars' album from '89. This was kinda reunion Lp, 'cause Caesars broke up, but Crypt records got 'em together for mini NYC tour and this slab. 15 garage/punk rippers. Dig!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death [1988]


"If I Only Had Time
I'd Think Of The Perfect Crime..."

The Godfathers missed the British punk revolution by a decade and were a few years too early before loud guitars became fashionable in England again. Consequently, the group's 1988 LP Birth, School, Work, Death is often overlooked. Released during the U.K. rave craze of the late ‘80s, Birth, School, Work, Death must've seemed completely dated in the barrage of pulsating electronic sounds that enveloped Britain at the time. Wearing Mafia suits and skinny ties, the Godfathers had a mean look that matched their name. And their sound was similarly tough: brass-knuckled punches in the form of menacing, explosive riffs; venom-spewing, nihilistic vocals; body-slamming percussion. Yet the Godfathers never forget the importance of the hook. The bleak title track -- with its gloomy shouted chorus of "Birth, School, Work, Death" -- has head-bobbing basslines and a toe-tapping drum beat. "I cut myself but I don't bleed/'Cause I don't get what I need/And it doesn't matter what I say/Tomorrow's still another day," Peter Coyne spits, the bile in his voice bringing back memories of Johnny Rotten's snotty rage in the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen" as well Roger Daltrey's adolescent anguish in the Who's "My Generation". "Birth, School, Work, Death" is followed by two other rockers, "If I Only Had Time" and "Tell Me Why", that are equally catchy and filled with ticked-off confessions such as "If I only had time/I'd think of the perfect crime."
But the Godfathers are from being one-dimensional. "Just Like You" is an upbeat love song and on "When Am I Coming Down" guitarist Kris Dollimore helps illustrate an acid trip gone wrong with swirling, disorienting guitars that recall Jimi Hendrix' moments of sonic transcendence. Coyne's spoken-word bit in "When Am I Coming Down" is chilling, told from the point-of-view of someone who has just overdosed on drugs. The production by Vic Maile is clean yet it doesn't soften the Godfathers' two-fisted attack. [AMG] Dig!

"I wake up in the morning and I feel like a king
Make love not work I can do anything
Can rule my own world and never have to listen
I'm living like there's no tomorrow
You know there really isn't
'Cause I said so..."

AT THE PARTY! - 16 Rompin' Stompin' Lease Breakin' Tunes

                                 AT THE PARTY!                                 

Rompin' Stompin' R&R/R&B tunes from 50's & 60's. Some pretty wild instros too.  

Les Sabres - Stand By

Saturday, December 29, 2012

WAVY GRAVY - For Adult Enthusiasts... [50's & 60's Trash]

                                                WAVY GRAVY                                               

Legendary Cult R&R/Trash compilation. 14 trax ranged from garage slop to weirdo countru-western psycho tunes + great B-movie horror trailers inbetween. Pretty demented stuff = Surfadelic fav. This is pretty much a must! So surfers, get in the Rubber Room! Dig!




THE WALDOS - Rent Party [1994]

Led by former Heartbreakers co-lead guitarist and co-lead singer Walter Lure, the Waldos tear through a set of tunes that are as much fun as a CD can have with its clothes on. Unfortunately the air of tragedy that surrounds Lure and the Waldos tempers the rock & roll good time. After threatening to put out an album for about six years, this platter finally arrived and exceeded expectations. Produced by Andy Shernoff (Dictators), this is a fully realized piece of work. For lack of a simpler description, think of it as the follow-up (over 15 years later) to the Heartbreakers' LAMF album. Unlike much of the Johnny Thunders solo work, though, this stays firmly in Heartbreakers territory. Rent Party has several "new" Walter Lure tunes on it (many people don't realize that Lure wrote and sang half the Heartbreakers' material), all of which don't miss a beat from the old days. Of particular interest is "Flight," a song that the original Heartbreakers did back in the Richard Hell days. It is a good-time rock & roll classic and it's hard to imagine why it was dropped from the band's set so early on. Also, a Jerry Nolan original, "Countdown Love," sees the light of day for the first time here. Several covers that Lure had been playing for years find their way onto the disc as well. Most notably, "Seven Day Weeked" is pretty much as close as you'll get to a statement of purpose. Ray Charles' "Busted" gets the treatment as well. Lure must be a tough guy because most of the people who play on this are dead. Tony Coiro -- dead. Saxman Jamey Heath -- dead. Drummer Charlie Sox died before these sessions. Lifelong friends Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders -- dead. Somehow Lure has maintained his spirit and vision through it all and he's managed to stay alive. [AMG] Dig!

Love That Kills
Never Get Away

Friday, December 28, 2012

Scandinavian Instrumental & Beat Groups [Rainbow Music]


Swenden 60's instro groups Shadows style!

The Moonriders - Teen Scene

Thursday, December 27, 2012

THE FUZZTONES - Teen Trash vol.4 [1993]

This is a collection of non Lp trax recorded '89-'91 [except Romilar D] that were issued on Nine Months Later, Hurt On Hold and Action Ep's. These versions is better than Shel Talmy's produced on In Heat Lp. Here are The Fuzztones on top of their game with great originals as Cheynne Rider, Action Speaks Louder Than Words, Romilar D, and cool covers of Bo Diddley and Question Mark & The Mysterians. Trash! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

GUITAR WOLF - Planet Of The Wolves [1997] Vinyl Rip!!!

Repost of this killer garage punk Lp with piercingly painful fidelity. Utter gutter No-Fi screee based on 100% adoration of Link Wray, Johnny Thunders, Mc5, leather, cigarettes... You just know these cats live & breath for their R&R and its addictive. As you thought the vinyl has different, more fuller rockin'  sound than Cd. So, take a chance! Vinyl Rip by Surfadelic. Lock'n'loll !



You sure heard 'bout Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Bony Moronie, Little School Girl, She Said Yeah, Bad Boy, Slow Down... covered by Stones, Beatles, Johnny Winter, Jam... Wow, there's too much classic R&R/R&B tunes from this classic 50's rocker. You got to... Dig!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

THE GODFATHERS - Hit By Hit [1986]

Groundbreaking debut Lp for this punk rock gang from London. They were formed by Peter and Chris Coyne after the demise of The Sid Presley Experience in 1985. Produced by legendary VIC MAILE [Dr.Feelgood, Motorhead] who manage to capture their relentless raw live sound, The Godfathers sounded like a cross between Sex Pistols, Jimi Henrix Experience and Elvis or garagey bluesy Buzzcocks. There is a guitar-slinger genius of Kris Dollimore that provide garage punk blasts all over. This is actually collection of their previous singles with great trax like I Want Everything, This Damn Nation, I Want You, cool cover of Lennon's Cold Turkey, instrumental dedication to John Barry and "grand finale" with Lonely Man. From my point of view this is their best [and rawest] record and one of the best punk rock records from 80's. This is A Must! Bonus trax included. Hit!

Eddie & The Showmen - Squad Car ['63-'64]

                       EDDIE & THE SHOWMEN                      

Between 1962 and 1965, Eddie Bertrand and the Showmen recorded some of the most frantic and dead-on surf recordings ever. One of the founding members of the Bel-Airs, Bertrand left the group in pursuit of a bigger sound. When Leo Fender started building bigger amplifiers (the Showman model, which is where the group got its name) and stand-alone reverb units to go with them, Eddie found his sound and became one of the first of the West Coast guitarists to exploit these cutting-edge technological advances for all they were worth. Eddie and the Showmen sounded huge and commanding both on record and especially in person; their take-no-prisoners approach is finally on full display here, the very first compilation of their two-year recorded legacy. Combining both sides of their five singles for Liberty Records with seven previously unissued items of equal firepower, this is surf music at its finest. The title track, featuring two sax players blowing through just their mouthpieces to simulate police sirens, is twang-guitar excitement to the nth degree; for more high-energy onslaught, it's also tough to beat "Scratch," "Showmen Stomp" or -- for a real change of pace -- the country loony instrumental "Break Time." Eddie & the Showmen may not not have achieved their place in surf history accorded even lesser talented bands, but in assembling a collection of surf's best, this one should be near the top of the list. [AMG] ...visual sound STEREO!

Monday, December 24, 2012

CEE BEE BEAUMONT - No Introduction Needed... [1996]

Cee Bee Beaumont were a three piece from Holloway who played garagey moody instrumentals. On this 10"Lp [their 2nd] they add some lounge/score touches to their garage sound. There's something that reminds me on Mag Seven and stuff. Check 'em out! Dig!

 Smokey's Hole

Sunday, December 23, 2012

THE SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS - Santa Claus Ain't Coming This Year

Merry X-Mass to all you Surfers, Punkers, Rockers, Hot Rodders, Neckbreakers, Scuba Divers etc. who have been so curious, adventurous and bold to came across and reach thee SURFADELIC depths. Godspeed You! Dig!

 Santa Claus Ain't Comin' This Year
 Under the Christmas Tree

Tom And Jerry - Surfin' Hootenanny [1963]

                                   TOM & JERRY                                  

As requested, here's Lp by Tom and Jerry, a US guitar duo of the early 60's consisting of Tommy Tomlinson and Jerry Kennedy. They recorded four albums mainly with covers of classic tunes and instrumentals on the Mercury Records label. Here they are in the mood for surfin'. Dig!

THE WHO - S/t [1966] Vinyl Rip!!!

This is 60's German only issue that is actually supposed to be a variation of "A Quick One" Lp. 2 trax - So Sad About Us and A Quick One While He's Away were replaced with four great 7'' sides - Circles, You See My Way, In The City and I'm A Boy. From my point of view this is the better option and even superior to their debut. The beginning of Mod/Psych adventure. My favorite The Who slab. Vinyl Rip by Surfadelic. Dig!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

BO DIDDLEY - Bo Diddley Is Loose

Mo' Bo unissued 60's coolness.

01 You Know I Love You So
02 Silly Willy
03 All Together
04 Bucket
05 Run Diddley Daddy
06 Funny Talk
07 I Love You So
08 James' Instrumental
09 Merengue
10 Aloha
11 Walking
12 Prisoner Of Love
13 Willie Fell In Love


BO DIDDLEY - Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw

Unreleased 60's stuff from Checker vaults. 

01 Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw
02 Mule Train
03 Doodlin'
04 Hey, Hey (What Are You Going To Do)
05 Huckleberry Bush (Hully Hully Gully)
06 Can You Shimmy
07 Gonna Tell It Like It Is
08 My White Horse
09 Mess Around
10 Hey Pretty Baby
11 Jungle
12 Bring Them Back Alive (Funny Talk)
13 Say You Will
14 Oh Yeah (Aka Oh Yes)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers w/ Richard Hell - Demo 1975

                        THE HEARTBREAKERS                         

Legendary Heartbreakers demos with Richard Hell on bass. Spurts!

Love Comes in Spurts
I Wanna Be Loved
Blank Generation
Chinese Rocks
Pirate Love
Can't Keep My Eyes On You
Hurt Me
You Gotta Lose
Going Steady

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Trashmen - Bird Dance Beat [1965]

                                THE TRASHMEN                               

Cool collection of 45's from these Minneapolis garage surfin' kings. Whoa Dad!

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