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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bryan Ferry - The Bride Stripped Bare [1978]

                                  BRYAN FERRY                                  

 "Here is a rainbow for your hair
Here is another sign of the times..."
When Jerry Hall didn't want to became Jerry Ferry [really funny] and left Bryan for Mick Jagger, his response was this interesting album, my favorite Ferry's 70's solo effort. Well, half of this stuff are covers with some fine adaptation of J.J. Cale ''The Same Old Blues'', Al Green's "Take Me To The River", traditional ''Carrickfergus'' and great V.U. tune ''What Goes On'', but the best part are Mr. Ferry's moody romantic originals ''Can't Let Go'', a charming piece of Baroque pop "When She Walks In The Room", atmospheric ''This Island Earth'' and kickin' opening track "Sign Of The Times". This ain't no garage nor surf, but a fine piece of Euro 70's Art/Pop Rock slickness. Suave!

Pre MTV Video Crime

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