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Friday, June 14, 2013

THE BLASTERS - Sounds Of The Drags [1963]

                                 THE BLASTERS                                 

Founded in 1957 by the Bahari Brothers, the Crown Records label was reknowned for issuing cheap, budget cash-in offerings, and had a fairly sizable catalogue to its name by the time it dipped its toes under the tread for a series of hot-rod tie-ins during 1964. 
The Blasters album was the third such release to come out of the stable (following on from albums by The Hot-Rodders and Jerry Kole & The Strokers) As with all of the labels releases, there were no writing, performing or studio credits anywhere to be found on the package, although it is known that ace session guitarist (and future Rockabilly Hall Of Fame inductee) Jerry Cole (Kole) made significant performing and production contributions to these Crown releases, although specific roles have yet to be ascertained as to who played what on which release ... but one thing IS certain, whoever is/was playing the guitar on the awesome "Steering Wheel Stuck" really knew how to play that thing! [net]

Jerry Cole again with his hot rod studio crew. Cool rubber burned instros and some solid vocals on this rare drag race slab. VROOOOM!!!


 Bad Rubber
 Black Pick Up


  1. great post! But would love to hear whole album.

  2. thanks Daddy-O. great post-em

  3. Yippee for the red stars! Thanks so much, Mr. E. Have a great weekend.


  4. Top!
    Thank you very much.


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