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Monday, July 1, 2013

THE DIRTBOMBS - We Have You Surrounded [2008]

                               THE DIRTBOMBS                               

"I can dance like Sherlock Holmes
I can sing like Sherlock Holmes
But I can't be Sherlock Holmes..."

On the opening track of We Have You Surrounded, "It's No Fun Until They See You Cry," band leader Mick Collins enunciates like the Fall's Mark E. Smith. Then, on "Ever Lovin' Man," his Detroit combo turns up the soul heat, much they did on 2001's R&B-infused Ultraglide in Back, before moving on to the minimalist doodle of "Indivisible." And so it goes, all over the Dirtbomb’s map, with bonus compositions from Dead Moon, Sparks, and graphic artist Alan Moore as ever, their taste in cover material can't be beat. Collins even sings the closer, "La Fin du Monde," entirely en français. With We Have You Surrounded, the Dirtbombs are simultaneously reassessing and exploring, resulting in less of an immediate impact than some of their previous releases, but almost completely eradicating the garage rock tag Collins has never cared for the limitations imposed by that genre. The Dirtbombs play rock. Full stop. Their fourth full-length gives musical schizophrenia a good name. [Kathleen C. Fennessy]


  1. Thank you thank you for posting this. So many bands you have turned me on to by your posts but the Dirtbombs are definitely my favorite of them all (Man or Astro-Man? a close second). I dig everything Mick Collins does but the Dirtbombs hit me exactly where it counts right in the gut. [I now have my own copies of If You Don't Already, Ultraglide, and Dangerous Magical Noise - makes me happy to spin it myself - now to get the rest).

    Thanks again!

    1. I'm so grateful, Mr Eliminator. Have a fantastic summer. I promise I'll stop my requests for a while. A bientôt!

    2. Hey Ripper, I'm so glad that you dig The Dirtbombs, they are one of my favs and the best rock bands to hit 21st century. Groups like them are sooo rare these days. They got everythig -- originality, sound, attitude, integrity, variety of cool influences from 60's garage, glam, punk, soul, new wave... and they are pure rock fun. All in one quality rockin package. My other garage favs from past 2 decade are The Swingin Neckbreakers, Boss Martians, Girl Trouble and The Untamed Youth. So check em out ''If You Don't Already Have a Look''. Dig!

    3. I definitely dig the Boss Martians. I will check out Girl Trouble and Untamed Youth. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot for all the Dirtbombs!!


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