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Thursday, July 4, 2013

THE GOLDEN HORDE - The Golden Horde [1991]

                          THE GOLDEN HORDE                           

Irish psychedelic punk rock group formed in 1982. In 1990 the band signed to U2's Mother/Island Records label. Recordings for the singles "100 Boys" and "I Never Came Down" were initiated with producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, Ronnie Spector), and completed with co-producer Andy Shernoff (The Dictators) for the album that would be self-titled The Golden Horde. I first heard 'em on  tv in "100 Boys" video, and they sounded like pop version of Johnny Thunders and Ramones. Well, the connection is pretty obvious, ain't it. Released in 1991, the album "The Golden Horde" was voted joint #1 record with U2's Achtung Baby in the Hot Press Music Awards of that year. Anyway, "100 Boys" still sounds cool today. Dig!!!


  1. no doubt about it, the Horde rule. easily one of the finest Irish bands ever! (U2 ain't fit to carry the golden horde's golf clubs).
    check out the live in paris youtube stuff. you'll only wish there was more.

    1. Tanx for the comment, gonna check it out. Cheers!

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