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Friday, July 5, 2013

THE WOGGLES - Ragged But Right [2003]

                                 THE WOGGLES                                 

Athens, Georgia based garage-rock phenomenon The Woggles were here long before there was a garage rock revival, forming in 1987. As such, Ragged But Right, their latest offering of 60s rock re-visited, is far superior to any of its younger counterparts. The band has the sound down to an impressive science, bopping and bouncing, all with a dirty coat to it all, giving the songs teeth to bite into you and make you want to get down and shake your ass. This is energetic, all-for-nothing garage rock that is as fun as it is moving, the kind of band that can rock out and throw a great party at the same time. Ragged But Right is quite an apt title for this record. [Alex Steininger] As Requested, Dig!

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  1. love the woggles, thanks for this! please add my site to your blog roll,

    You're on my blog roll.


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