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Thursday, January 31, 2013

SIN ALLEY [Vol.1 - 4]

       SIN ALLEY        SIN ALLEY        SIN ALLEY       

Here's another classic Crypt compilation series in four volumes, featuring 50's underground Rockabilly, R'n'R, R&B and Trash recordings. Rated "R". Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Montesas - Aloha From Alpha Centaury [2009] Ep

                              THE MONTESAS                                  

This 6 trax Sci-Fi/Surf  instro Ep [one vocal track] by The Montesas, German rockabilly/garage crew, came as pretty fine request. Consist of four originals and 2 covers of Bo Diddley song Rocketship and Kraftwerk classic Das Model, this Ep takes you to the lost Alpha Centaury surfin' planet. Cool Sci-Fi adventure. Aloha!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A blistering, 32 track compilation of some of the best surf/instrumental bands in the world, compiled by Double Crown and Golly Gee Records. Sixteen tracks from each label, including many rare, unreleased and/or previously vinyl-only cuts. Includes two unreleased Krontjong Devils cuts, two previously vinyl-only cuts from the Boss Martians, an alternate instrumental take of "It's So Easy" by Jonny & The Shamen and unreleased cuts by The Coffin Daggers and The Supertones. An absolute must for any fan of instrumental rock n' roll. Dig!

BUG OUT Vol.1,2,3 [60's Trash] Vinyl Rips!!!

Dancin' 60's Junk for your Twistin' Garage Party! C'mon, do the Bug!


The Stratacats - The Flea

The Seven Teens - Bug Out

The Peels - Scrooey Mooey

The Galaxies & The Regulars - Ride Your Horse

Bernardette - The Slosh

The Race Marbles - The Switch

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BUZZCOCKS - Beating Hearts [Live At Apollo Manchester '78]

Great sounding 70's live performance by your favorite Pop-Punk gang. Do you believe in Esp?

THE SEEDS - Travel with Your Mind [60's USA Garage]

20 song compilation of Seeds' standarts, outtakes, rehearsals and rare versions. Here you got studio takes of  great garage/psych tunes as Satisfy You, 900 Million People Daily, Wild Blood, Wind Blows Your Hair, Chocolate River and many trax from "Future" Lp. Travel!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Giuda - Racey Roller [2010]


I know you know but then again... A Killer Glam-Punk gang from Rome, Italy. Heavily influenced by 70's glam rock acts as Slade, Gary Glitter, T.Rex, as well as by UK 70's punk, they made a real HiT record. Non stop Rockin' action from start to finish. Every track is a winner, from instant "Calcio" hit opener Number 10, Back Home, Get It Over, Coming Back To You, Great! instro Racey Roller to the very, very end.  It's a F***in' best rock album in years! You gotta Dig!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back From The Grave [Vol.1 - 8]

                   !!!  BACK FROM THE GRAVE  !!!                   

Legendary comp. serie of mid 60's US Garage Punkers. Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!



SKY "Sunlight" SAXON & the Original Seeds - Takes and Glories

                      SKY SAXON & THE SEEDS                      

In 1987. German label Line Records issued this beautiful collection of non-Lp, live, 7" and rare trax from one of the primal Garage Psych-Punk acts. The recordings date from 1963-1986, from Sky Saxon first rock'n'roll attempt 7'', to 80's collaboration with SS-20, Firewall and others. Detailed credits included. Dig!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Motions - Introduction To The Motions / Their Own Way

                                 THE MOTIONS                                  

The Motions from Hague were one of the bigger groups of the 60's Dutch beat explosion. They were formed out of the remnants of Ritchie Clark and the Ricochets in 1964 and went on to become hitmakers for the next several years in the '60s. I first heard 'em on great Pebbles vol.15 The Continent Lashes Back! with cool 7" B-side Everything That's Mine. Their '65 debut "Introduction To The Motions" contains some pretty solid Garage/Freakbeat tunes as I've Waited So Long, You Bother Me, It's Gone, For Another Man, and consider as one of the best Dutch Lp's from that era. Here are their first two Lp's merged together with some bonus trax added. Dig!

MC5 - Thunder Express [1972 Live In Studio +'66/'68 Singles]

Cool 10 trax compilation with four cuts of two early singles from 1966 & 1968, plus six tunes from a 1972 recording session at Studio Herouville Castle in France. Great sounding boot features song "Thunder Express", one of the last original MC5 songs before their split. A Must for MC5 fans. Kick!

Friday, January 25, 2013

THE BOMBORAS - Swingin Singles! [1996]

One of the great bands of the brief '90s surf revival, the Bomboras are probably one of the most talented groups to ever play this genre. They may not have lasted long, but their stay did include a bunch of riveting performances featuring hot go-go dancers, extremely geeky jokes, occasional fistfights and their instruments set on fire. A regular feature of their show included the keyboardist standing on his organ while playing it, before dousing it with lighter fluid and setting it alight. This collection of their singles, all originally released on stylish 7-inches, gives the first-time Bomboras listener a good idea of the band's mastery of the surf form. "Forbidden Planet" and "Moon Patrol" are lush, murky, reverb-drenched stompers from a far-out, undiscovered world, while "Drag Strip Tease," one of their few vocal numbers, is recorded so that it really sounds like it's from the drag strip era. This collection of their singles is among the best records the Bomboras ever put out. [AMG]

Teen Blast Usa! Vol.1 & 2 [60's Garage]

                               TEEN BLAST USA!                              

As Requested: 2 x 29 teen GARAGE raves from '65-'68.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sixties Rebellion Vol.08 - Mondo Mutiny #1, The Love

      Sixties Rebellion Vol.08 MONDO MUTINY      

60's Punk Bands Pulverize Arthur Lee And Love

Here's an unusual album concept for you: yet another LP of rare '60s garage singles, the twist being that every single one of them is a cover of a song by famed L.A. psychedelic-folk-rockers Love. If you suspect the source pool is kind of limited, you're right. The compilers managed to come up with 20 tracks, with many multiple versions: four of "Signed D.C.," three of "My Flash On You," three of "Little Red Book" (not written by Love, but popularized by them), three of "7 and 7 Is," etc. And these singles were damned rare and obscure: even the most famous of these groups are known only to specialist collectors (the Sons of Adam, the Other Half, the Rising Storm, the Haunted). But if you're in the rather small sub-group of major Love/'60s garage rock fans, this is kind of a nifty item to have. There's more variation than you might expect, and listenability is maximized by the thoughtful decision to create as much space between multiple cover versions as possible. The arrangements are pleasingly raw, and sometimes done very well indeed (the female folk-rock singer on the Flower Power's "Orange Skies," the apocalyptic crashing folk-rock "Signed D.C." by December's Children Ltd., the Haunted's slowed-down reading of "Message To Pretty"). It also includes a good composition ("Feathered Fish") by Love's principal songwriter, Arthur Lee, that Love never recorded (in versions by both the Sons of Adam and the Other Half). Be aware, though, that the Velvet Underground cover of "She Comes In Colors" is not the famous Velvet Underground, but an unknown Australian pop-rock group that used the same name. [AMG] Dig!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

THE STANDELLS - Try It [1968]

From my point of view this is THE STANDELLS best slab, soul drenched garage with fabulous Ed Cobb production and such numbers as Barracuda, Try It, All Fall Down, Did You Ever Have That Feeling, Riot On Sunset Strip... Binaural Sound Dynamics executed by Mr.Eliminator. Try It!

THE BOMBORAS - Savage Island [1995]

Savage Island is a subtle, though fantastic record. It may take a few listens and one has to get past the light, retro-sounding production, which makes the band sound like they are far off in a corner somewhere. But the Bomboras have nailed the mood perfectly. Some of the songs, all of which are instrumentals, are relatively dark for the surf genre. "Slinky" is a particularly stylish number with thumpity-thump surf-style drums. Whenever the Wurlitzer piano kicks in, the songs really take off. (Many surf and garage bands employ such instruments, but few really know how to play them.) The Bomboras sounded even better on future records after they added a second guitarist to their lineup. But Savage Island, at a compact 25-minute-length, is an enjoyable, adventurous romp through exotic, forbidden islands. [AMG]

Tom And Jerry - Greatest Hits Vol.2 [1962]

                                 TOM and JERRY                               

2nd Lp with instrumental covers of classic rock, traditional & movie themes. Dig!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Les Jaguars - Vol. 2 [1965]

                                  LES JAGUARS                                   

Les Jaguars were a mainly instrumental group formed in the Saguenay area of Quebec in 1962. They quickly became the kings of the French Canadian rock 'n roll scene due to the creative and experimental style of their lead guitar player Arthur Cossette, who's real name is actually Jean Guy! He pierced his speakers to create his own distortion and fuzz sounds, which he blended into sweet sounds, prefering the melodic tones of the Shadows to the gnarly tuffness of Link Wray. Like most Quebecoise groups, Les Jaguars have remained a "local" group, becoming popular only in their region and prefering to play dances and hotels (in many of the smaller towns in Quebec, the only nightclubs were found in hotels) in the outlying areas of the province. At first, the Jaguars mixed their twang with horns and trumpets, due to the popularity of dance bands. But they soon gained a great following, and were able to continue playing in a pure rock 'n roll style! 
Inspiration for this post came upon hearing Guitare Jet, a tune from cool instro comp. Surfin' In A Spicy Lake on Acid Years blogspot. This here is their second, all instro lp. Dig!

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