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Thursday, February 28, 2013

THE YARDBIRDS - Featuring Jeff Beck [1965/1966] Vinyl Rip!!!

Legendary stuff produced by Georgio Gomelsky, Featuring Jeff Beck on guit. Maximum R&B/Psych rave up with Shapes Of Things, What Do You Want, Mr. You're A Better Man Than I, I Ain't Done Wrong... Vinyl Rip by Surfadelic. Dig!

The Strypes - Maximum [Teenage] R&B !!!

                                   THE STRYPES                                  

The Strypes are 4-piece rhythm and blues band hailing from Cavan, Ireland, formed in 2011 by Ross Farrelly (lead vocals/harmonica), Josh McClorey (lead guitar/vocals), Pete O’Hanlon (bass guitar/harmonica) and Evan Walsh (drums). The group has spent the past 18 months launching their explosive R&B assault on the clubs and festivals of Ireland, the UK and Europe, viciously hammering out a no-nonsense blues repertoire drawing from the songbooks of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Slim Harpo and more with the passion and venom of British blues groups such as Dr. Feelgood, The Yardbirds, The Rolling Stones and The Animals. Having already been met with critical acclaim from greats such as Jeff Beck and Paul Weller and been tipped by NME as the No. 1 new band to watch, it seems things can only get better for The Strypes. Dig!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Downliners Sect - The Sect [1964] Vinyl Rip !!!

                            DOWNLINERS SECT                            

This is the group's rawest and most R&B-oriented album, firmly rooted in the same influences as The Rolling Stones and The Pretty Things and including punk covers of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, et al., along with a few originals in the same vein. For those who don't get enough rough-and-ready British-style R&B and rock & roll from the debut albums by The Stones or Pretty Things, or find the playing by either band a little too tame and mannered, The Sect should be their next stop. Nobody on the British isles, other than maybe Brian Jones in his private moments on the guitar and harp, was more charmingly primitive than the Downliners Sect were on this album, which trades so freely in Bo Diddley riffs and the latter's signature beat that latecomers could be forgiven for thinking that this band had a hand in inventing them. (by Ritchie Underberger)

Well you know what's in store. Another unbeatable vinyl rip executed by Mr.Eliminator in spectacular Surfadelic fashion. Ripped from ultraheavy 220 gram thick vinyl, this classic U.K. garage/r&b 60's slab sounds pretty superior. Dig!

Los Kahunas - Otro Reverberante Encuentro Con [2007]

 Otro Reverberante Encuentro Con 

Los Kahunas is a quartet of musicians who call Argentina home. The band makes its home in Buenos Aires where it has made a name for itself by being one of only a handful of bands making surf rock. The band formed in 2004 as lead guitarist Big Papu Castaniero, rhythm guitarist Antonio Carlos, bassist Damian Baldi, and drummer Alexis B came together to make their own version of Surf-Rock. 
This [their 2nd long player]  album is split between band originals written by Big Papu Castaneiro and several cover versions of songs by the likes of The Astronauts, The Lively Ones, and of course, The Ventures. While the band handles the cover tunes with skill, the original songs by the band are what shine on this release. Songs like 6G15 and California Kustom bring to mind The Ventures when they were in their peak of popularity. This is not to say that Los Kahunas are a carbon copy of the Venture, but the parallels are definitely hard to miss. Dig!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nathaniel Mayer - Going Back to...Village of Love [1963]

                           NATHANIEL MAYER                            

Greasy, Primal & Sexy R&B, latin flavored Soul & Doo-wop boldness. There's a touch of early James Brown style, but Nathaniel Mayer has his own "kink". First heard "Village of Love" as Detroit Cobras cover and soon get to know there's more stuff from this Legendary R&B singer. This is his sole '63 Lp plus other Fortune recordings. Hot Stuff, Dig!

Monday, February 25, 2013

IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON - Kill City [1977] Vinyl Rip!!!

             IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON              

"I live here in kill city where the debris meets the sea
It's a playground to the rich, but it's a loaded gun to me..."

Kill City was originally recorded in 1975 after the disintegration of the group. It was to be used as a demo to give to record labels in hopes of getting Pop a new contract. His vocals were recorded on weekends when he received permission to leave a mental hospital he was staying in at the time for treatment of his long-standing heroin addiction. The original 1975 'demo' mix of the album remains unheard, with the exception of three tracks which have been released on various compilations including A Million in Prizes and Original Punks: "Johanna", "Consolation Prizes" and "Kill City". These sound markedly different from the final version of the album, with different guitar parts and, in the case of "Johanna," no saxophone. There would be no takers for the album until 1977 when, following the success of Pop's solo albums The Idiot and Lust for Life, James Williamson got an advance from Bomp to release the album; some of which was used to fund studio time to finish off the original recordings by adding overdubs and remixing. Stonesy influenced garage punk with some killer songs and cool instro Master Charge I really dig. It's one of those Lp's that grew pretty strong on me over the years. Killer Vinyl Rip! Dig!

Oh God, My Mom's On Channel 10! [1989]

         OH GOD, MY MOM'S ON CHANNEL 10!        

Here's [by kind request] pretty rare compilation of some 80's garage punk & underground bands from Vancouver scene and more. Nardwuar the Human Serviette [Canadian celebrity interviewer and musician] Presents garage revival acts like The Headless Horsemen, The Event, Tell-Tale Hearts and other lesser known groups. Get on Channel 10! Dig!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Surfadelic BIG WAVES vol.2

                     Surfadelic BIG WAVES vol.2                    

Here are mo' Big Waves for your surfin' pleasure. Look out! The beach is closed! It's a Dangerous Surf! Dig!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

ROBERT GORDON - With Link Wray / Fresh Fish Special [1977/1978]

               ROBERT GORDON + LINK WRAY               

Robert Gordon With Link Wray (sometimes referred to as Robert Gordon & Link Wray) was not only one of the more startling debut albums of the 1970s, but one of the most refreshing records of that decade, and it's aged extremely well. Gordon, getting his first chance to record the kind of music that he loved (and not only that — getting to cut an entire rockabilly LP, something that not even Elvis Presley had gotten the chance to do at Sun), rose to the occasion and delivered the first record — and one of the best records ever — to come out of the rockabilly revival. Others would come along that would carry the direction and the pose (which is what it mostly was for them) even further, along with the tempos, but, in 1977, when punk was sweeping the rock press, progressive rock was stumbling on its way to extinction, and disco was dominating the airwaves, Robert Gordon With Link Wray was about as refreshing as Meet the Beatles had been 13 years earlier, if not as daring or inventive. Whether singing his heart out on the ballad "Sweet Surrender" or rocking out on the raspy-voiced "Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll" or bopping along to "Boppin' the Blues," Gordon became a kind of morphin' rock & rollin' fool on this album, without ever disrespecting the music. At 27 minutes, he got his work done refreshingly fast as well (and for ten songs, that was actually a pretty long running time for a rockabilly LP), only letting up in pace for the slow Lee Hazelwood ballad "The Fool." Wray played with undiminished power on most of it, and the combined efect of their work together was to pave the way for the modest rockabilly revival of the early '80s, which led to the revival not only of Wray's solo career but also to Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and a brace of over originals getting a second bite at the apple. And Gordon launched a whole career off of this record, which remains a prime listening experience among albums from the 1970s.
The second Robert Gordon/Link Wray collaboration is a more mature work that eerily echoes the development of rock & roll out of rockabilly. From the slow strutting opener "The Way I Walk," the album is made up largely of sounds that are as bold as anything on Gordon's debut album, but just a bit more restrained — he becomes a late-'50s Elvis-style rock & roll crooner on Wray's own "If This Is Wrong," which follows a sweetly romantic (but in no way wimpy) "Red Cadillac, and a Black Moustache." The Gene Vincent number "Five Days, Five Days" is a triple-decker virtuoso effort here, showcasing Wray's guitar, the superb backing of the Joranaires, and Gordon's powerful lead performance. Gordon's recording of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire" was something of a commercial and pop culture breakthrough for Gordon, establishing his credibility with listeners of contemporary music in ways that, say, the original Flamin' Groovies never did. The surprise is the final number, the slow ballad "Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)," which isn't like anything else Gordon had recorded up to that time, and follows his super-charged renditions of "Twenty Flight Rock," "Sea Cruise," etc. [ Bruce Eder] 2 Cool el pees in one fine rip is all you need for a successful Rock'n'Roll weekend. Dig!

Boppin' The Blues!

THE PAGANS - Street Where Nobody Lives [1977 - 1979] Vinyl Rip!!!

Re-post of classic compilation by this Ohio 70's Cult Punk band. Take no prisoners punk rock action this time on Vinyl Rip as it should be heard. It's pretty much A MUST. Six and Change! Dig!

Friday, February 22, 2013

THE CLASH - Golden Bullets [Bootleg Lp]

Got no Clash on my site yet?!? Whaaat !???! Is it possible ? Damn #@$! Here are cool bootleg with Live, Rehearsal, Remix, Outtakes and Demo stuff from '77-'81. Now the justice is done. Dig!

A1 White Riot [Live 1977]
A2 White Man In Hammersmith [Alternate version]
A3 Tommy Gun [Live TV 1978]
A4 Louie Louie [Live rehearsal 1980]
A5 King Of The Road [Live rehearsal 1980]
A6 English Civil War [Live TV 1978]
A7 Hate And War [Live TV 1978]
A8 Isrealites [Live TV 1978]
B1 Dirty Harry [Outtake 1981; early version of 'The Magnificent Seven']
B2 Overpowered By Funk [Remix]
B3 The Further Adventures Of Futura 2000 [1981 demo]
B4 Heartbreak Hotel [Live in the studio 1979]
B5 Blonde Rock And Roll [1981 outtake]

Thursday, February 21, 2013

WILD & FRANTIC [R'n'R / R&B Little Richard's Style]

As requested, here's collection of 50's/60's Rock'n'Roll/R&B kickers, wanna be Little Richard or somethin'. Get Wild, Dig!

Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood [1984] 12''Studio + Live!

                           JOHNNY THUNDERS                           

Interesting New Rose 2 records package I stumbled upon at local market long time ago. First record is a '82 studio recordings produced by Jimmy Miller, the same man that did the Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St., and its the perfect choice for Johnny. Here you got cool tunes Just Another Girl , In Cold Blood, cover of Green Onions and couple of acoustic trax. The second is a bootleg recordings of '82 live gig at Jonathan Swifts, Cambridge MA. Dig!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Rolling Stones - No Stone Unturned [Vinyl Rip!!!]

                        THE ROLLING STONES                          

The best of the various Rolling Stones collections issued by British Decca during the early '70s, No Stone Unturned is a marvelous gathering of (primarily) non-album B-sides and EP cuts that would not be entirely superseded until the appearance of the three-CD Singles Collection: The London Years singles collection almost a decade and a half later. Indeed, the only serious criticism of the set should be its brevity -- 12 songs merely scraped the surface of the Stones' unavailable catalog, and the presence of two songs that had only ever been issued in the U.S. ("Sad Day" and "Congratulations") simply rubbed salt into the British collectors' wounds. In the years before ABKCO consolidated the Stones' U.K. and U.S. catalogs, those old American B-sides and album-fillers were impossible to find in Britain, and their piecemeal distribution over sundry compilations was seen as nothing short of opportunistic gouging. That said, No Stone Unturned certainly cherry-picks the best of the Stones' period rarities, from the post-psychedelia of "Child of the Moon," all the way back to the primeval beat-boomery of the instrumental "Stoned" and their grinding take on "Money" -- the song that illustrated for early-'60s observers just how far removed from Beatle-dom the Stones' early influences really were. [AMG]  
Taste the Full Dimensional <360> Binaural Surfadelic Technicolor Sound! Stoned!

EL PRIMITIVO - American Rock 'n Roll And Rockabilly

                                  EL PRIMITIVO                                  

El Primitivo is a retrospective of producer Murray Nash's work that was recorded between 1956-64 and released on various labels including the mighty Chess. As such it makes for a diverse listen, taking in the country styling of Rockabilly & the rhythm & blues of Rock'n'Roll. The influence of Rock'n'Roll's big stars on these artists is undeniable with nods to Chuck Berry (Cliff Nash), The Coasters (Chuck Bowers) & the vocal styling of Elvis Presley (Herbie Smith). Many of the tracks have been comped before, with many of them appearing on Stomper Time's 'Nashville Rock & Roll'. As far as I can tell half a dozen tracks are receiving their debut release anywhere. The 2 tracks a piece by The Embers & Imps are this comp's real highlights. 'That'll Get It' (by The Imps) is a honking, stomping instro that sounds halfway between The Batman Theme and surf. 'Uh Oh' sports a gnarly guitar a la Link Wray. The Embers' 'I Walked All Night' is a genuine oddity that some might recognize as a Bluetones b-side. The much-comped 'Save It' by Mel Robbins would later receive a demented makeover by The Cramps. [Amazon Customer Reviews] Dig!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THE UNDERTONES - The Undertones [1979]

What is a perfect album? One could make an argument that a perfect album is one that sets out a specific set of artistic criteria and then fulfills them flawlessly. In that respect, and many others, the Undertones' 1979 debut is a perfect album. The Northern Ireland quintet's brief story is no different than that of literally dozens of other bands to form in the wake of the Clash and, more importantly, the Buzzcocks, but the group infuses so much unabashed joy in their two-minute three-chord pop songs, and there's so little pretension in their unapologetically teenage worldview, that even the darker hints of life in songs like the suicide-themed "Jimmy Jimmy" are delivered with a sense of optimism at odds with so many of their contemporaries. There's no fewer than three all-time punk-pop classics here; besides that song, the singles "Teenage Kicks" and "Get Over You" are simple declarations of teenage hormonal lust that somehow manage to be cute instead of Neanderthal; perhaps it's Feargal Sharkey's endearingly adenoidal whine, or the chipper way the O'Neill brothers pitch in on schoolboy harmonies, like a teenage Irish Kinks. All of the other 13 songs, even the 47-second blip "Casbah Rock," are nearly to that level of brilliance, with the frenetic "Girls Don't Like It" a particular standout. [AMG]

"Are teenage dreams so hard to beat? 
Everytime she walks down the street
 Another girl in the neighbourhood
 Wish she was mine, she looks so good..."

One of the best punk Lp's, Groundbreaking debut + many cool bonus 7'' trax including cover of CWB "Let's Talk About Girls" Ain't it A MUST!?! Dig!

 "I'm gonna call her on the telephone 
Invite her over cos I'm all alone 
I need excitement and I need it bad 
And it's the best I've ever had"

Vinyl Kicks!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Atlantics - The Legendary JRA-RAMROD Sessions [1965 - 1968]

                               THE ATLANTICS                                 

This legendary Australian 60's instrumental band teamed up with Johnny Rebb, an rock'n'roll vocalist who was a big name in the late fifties in Australia, and recorded some fine Garage/Psych stuff. They set up their own production company JRA productions and exchanged their suits and thin CIA ties for casual shirts, t-shirts and jeans and grew their hair long [vocalist Johnny Rebb had legendary haircut, ain't it?!?]. Here you got all of their recordings from '65-'68 including legendary '67 single "Come On" plus "It's A Hard Life", great garage/psych instros "Take A Trip" and "Flowers" etc. Dig! 

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