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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LYRES - A Promise Is A Promise [1988]

Re-post of 3rd studio Lp from Boston's legendary garage-rock combo. Again, it's a fine mix of originals and well chosen covers as "She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies" [by Him & The Others], "Running Through the Night" [The Mystic Tide], "Jagged Time Lapse" [John's Children, Marc Bolan's pre-T-Rex outfit]. There are couple of live trax "Touch" [the Outsiders] with Wally Tax, and "Witch" [The Sonics]]. Also worth noting is "Knock My Socks Off" [take on DMZ tune "Bad Attitude"] and Stiv Bators [the Dead Boys] guests on opening track, "Here's a Heart". Dig!

DMZ/Lyres Family Tree

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pic Of The Day - Iggy & David "Station To Station"

                                  Pic Of The Day                                   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr.Hot Shot present The R&B Review Show Of Stars Vol.1

10'' Vinyl edition with 10 greasy early 60's R&B shouters. This is pretty short but sweet, I mean really really SWEET! Vinyl Rip exclusively on Surfadelic! Dig!

Nelson Sanders - This Love Is Here To Stay
Earl Connelly B. - I Feel A Little Lonely

Monday, April 22, 2013

LYRES - Live At Downtown Lounge, Portland, Maine, May 1980

GREAT! Live shows recorded at Downtown Lounge 23 & 24 May 1980. previously available only as pirate audio cassettes. Couple of trax have landed on Crypt "The Early Years" and now here's the complete stuff on Surfadelic. Mono Man & Lyres at their best rollin' through garage classics as How Do You Know, Buried Alive, Geraldine, Cinderella, Sally Tease, Nobody But Me, Louie Louie, 100cc... Wow! You  shouldn't miss this. Dig!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

THE RUMBLERS - Boss Surf Music Classics [1962 - 1964]

The Rumblers are known mostly for their one instrumental hit, 'Boss,' which made it to number 52 in early 1963. The Southern Californian group, however, recorded quite a bit in the subsequent two years, never repeating the success of 'Boss.' Though sometimes thought of as a surf band, they recorded in a variety of raucous instrumental rock & roll styles, as well as doing some vocal numbers. The Rumblers were formed at the end of the '50s by teenagers in the Los Angeles suburb of Norwalk, and by 1962, were doing some recording, hooking up with the small independent Downey label (based in the L.A. suburb of the same name). Downey had just one big hit, the Chantays' 1963 surf classic 'Pipeline,' and couldn't replicate the same level of success with The Rumblers, though 'Boss' got to the Top Ten at some local stations, going all the way to number two on KFWB in Los Angeles. 'Boss' and their local popularity, however, were enough to get them an LP on Downey and numerous follow-up 45s, including some recordings done under different names, such as the Nylons and Bel Canto's, whose 'Feel Aw Right' has an arrangement by a young Barry White. Distinguished from some other acts associated with the surf scene by their prominent use of saxophones (at one point the lineup included two sax players) and a heavier R&B orientation, The Rumblers broke up in late 1965 after guitarist Johnny Kirkland was drafted. They evolved into the Interns, who had a 1967 single in the vocal garage-pop-rock style whose popularity had made surf music largely a thing of the past. [AMG]

Sax wailin', rhythm & blues surf instros with some Surfadelic bonus stuff. Boss!

Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic - Serbian Punk Queen

                          SLAĐANA MILOŠEVIĆ                          

Aleksandra “Slađana” Milošević is a New Wave/Pop rock singer from former Yugoslavia. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where she is living nowadays. Her first single called “Au, Au” released in 1977 achieved an immediate success. From then on, every song she had released hit the top of the charts among others songs “Miki Miki”, “Amsterdam” or “Recept Za Ljubav” [Recipe for Love]. In the late 70's, early 80's she came out with the Punk/New Wave style inspired by Joan Jett, Blondie and Lena Lovich. She was SOOO HOT!!! Check this out !

Music Starts at 2:07

Saturday, April 20, 2013

THE CRAMPS - Live At Club 57, 1979 + Demos 1977-79

CRAMPS Live At Club 57 in 1979 Double-lp set of 21 songs, including an incredible 13-song live set recorded in 1979 with professional mixes for WPIX-FM NYC with full sonic assault! Probably the best Cramps early live performance and recording ever, with Bryan & Ivy's guitars complimenting each other most brilliantly, Nick Knox's drumming is superb, and Lux providing great vocals and between-song banter.  The version of "Human Fly" is like an a-bomb exploding in your living room! The top-quality sound on the 8 demos have previously appeared on 1 or 2 reissues with inferior sound quality so get ready to hear them properly. Dig!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Fantastic Dee-Jays [1966] Millennia Records Reissue Vinyl Rip!!!

                     THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS                     

As you all know, before legendary Swamp Rats there were Dee-Jays. Their sole '66 Lp gain a cult status over the years as one of the most rare and expensive 60's garage vinyl. Out there you can find Eva rec. pirate platter but this here is a superior Surfadelic Vinyl Rip from '96 anniversary reissue. Well, Dee-Jays aren't essential as Rats but this record somehow grew on me over the years. Some solid garage tunes as Get Away Girl, Fight Fire [written by John Fogerty, The Golliwogs later CCR], Love Is So Tuff, raw version of The Vogues' slick pop hit "You're The One", solid covers of Stones What a Shame and Beatles What You're Doing are worth a spin. Dig!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tommentón En La Cuadra Visits Surfadelic - HOLIDAYS IN SERBIA, Instrummentón En La Cuadra Vol.2

                     HOLIDAYS IN SERBIA vol.2                    

Here we go again with next volume of this cool instrumental compilation series made by my friend Jose Kortozirkuito from Tommentón En La Cuadra blog spot. In the 2nd part of this instro trilogy ''HOLIDAYS IN SERBIA'' you can find some well known surfin' stuff by The Astronauts, The Challengers, The Ventures, The Atlantics or The Tornados as well as some super-cool rarities. The styles varied from classic 60's surf to mid 60's garage & lounge instros. There's couple of 90's tunes just to keep it fresh and exciting. Well, I could tell you much more but gonna leave it to Jose.

Hi Surfadelic friends!
Here is the second part of this trilogy, and my personal favorite. To highlight the exciting Peruvian "The Selenites" with it's "Gogo spacial" the exotic "Marty Manning & Cheetahs" with "Tarzan's March" or "Dick Dale" hit, "The Wedge" played by "Los Coronas" in "Tipical Spanish style". Very interesting instrumental "Love" cover of "A House Is Not A Motel" . Also great classic instrumental music with unknown bands, modern surfing and much more, including an unknown track: "Lost Love", who will be the interpreter?. Mr. Eliminator Help!. Definitely good and varied instrumental music I hope you like it.
Remind you that in my blog you can find the collection
"Hold Back The Dawn" a real cool garage-folk comp.
that Mr. Eliminator gave me.
I leave you to enjoy the music and wait for the third volume.
Jose Kortozirkuito

Gregory Dee & Theavanties - The Ground
Ricketts - Action Painting
Tilsley Orchestral - Shot In The Arm

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Vagrants - I Can't Make A Friend [1964-68]

                                THE VAGRANTS                                 

Garage-Folk-Rock-R&B crew from Forest Hills, Queens, NY, famous for their take on “Respect,” included in the original Nuggets compilation in 1972. This collection gathers all of their 60's singles plus bonus previously unreleased 12min. version of "Satisfaction". First 45 "Oh Those Eyes" were recorded in late '65 an by '66 they became one of the hottest bands of NY, New Jersey and Long Island clubs. They appeared in '66 film ''East Is East'' performing ''I Can't Make A Friend'' one of the first records with categorized ''Long Island'' sound with the Hammond B9-3 organ. Later on their sound get more psychedelicized. Some says Ramones aren't only punks from Queens. Featuring young Leslie West [later in Mountain]. Dig!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

THE GANTS - Gants Again! [1966]

Well, today I'm in the mood for some Garage/Folk rock. Recently I checked out a real cool blog "On The Flip-Side" and found post on The Gants 7'' from '66, Little Boy Sad/(You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings, so here we go now with their 3rd Lp Gants Again! from the same time. You're all familiar with their Beatlesque tune "I Wander" from Pebbles & Nuggets comps, well here it is among the other fine garage trax. Even consist mostly of covers of Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Young Rascals, The Troggs, The Beatles, Bo Diddley and some originals as I'm A Snake, Somebody Please and I Wander, it seems to me as pretty solid garage offer and their best 60's elpee. Dig! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

THE MARKETTS - Sun Power [1967]

As requested, here's the '67 Lounge/Easy listening instrumental Lp by The Marketts. Sometimes classified as a surf group because of their legendary '63. hit instrumental "Out of Limits", they were actually a crew of Los Angeles session musicians, working under the direction of producer Joe Saraceno. This here is a collection mostly of covered classics that has ''Sun'' in their titles. As it said on backcover  ''It's a happy music for sun worshippers''. Surfadelic Easy listening. Dig!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Los Coronas - Surfin' Tenochtitlan [2005]

                                  LOS CORONAS                                  

Surfin' & Twangin' instro action from Madrid, Spain. This is their 4th album influenced by 60's instrumental classics as Duane Eddy, Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Shadows and Spaghetti Western themes. It's a real COOL Surfadelic stuff. Dig!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Spoons - Here Are The Spoons [1999] + Let The Good Times Roll EP

                                   THE SPOONS                                    

Final album for this Istra, Pula [Croatia] garage revival crew. It's a mix of original stuff and covers of 60's garage classics like Dirty Robber [The Wailers], You'll Never Do It Baby [Pretty Things], Shakin' With Linda [The Soul Survivors] and cool sexy take on Slim Harpo's Rainin' In My Heart.There's a bonus Let The Good Times Roll EP with all instro Link Wray covers. Dig!

Bell Above Us

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