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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

THE BOBBYTEENS - Not So Sweet [2000]

                             THE BOBBYTEENS                              

San Francisco trash rock supergroup the Bobbyteens bash out hormone-driven songs about boys, partying, and, well, boys again. The songs barely get past two minutes and the priority is rock & roll energy. The story of the Bobbyteens starts with the Mummies and the Trashwomen. Drummer Russell Quan is a San Francisco legend playing in not only the Mummies (who once recorded an album with a boom-box) but the Count Backwards and the Phantom Surfers. Sassy singer Tina Lucchesi and bassist Danielle Pimm made up two-thirds of the Trashwomen and have also done time in the Count Backwards. With the demise of those bands and the addition of guitarist Lisa Schenberg, the Bobbyteens were born in 1996. The underground supergroup began to release 7" singles at a drag strip pace on Super Teem and Screaming Apple Records. The sound was and continues to be a bratty mess of classic girl-group wailing. The Runaways comparisons are obvious, but overall, the style and feel of all the Bobbyteens output reaches further back to 1960s groups like the Shangri-La's, albeit drenched in white noise feedback distortion. Like older, wiser, wilder sisters, the Bobbyteens showed fellow Bay-area rockers the Donnas a few tricks and helped the younger version begin their climb to becoming one of the most talked-about female bands in rock & roll. 1998 saw the Bobbyteens' debut platter Fast Livin' & Rock 'N' Roll released by both Lucchesi's Lipstick Records and Seattle garage label Estrus, followed by 2000's Not So Sweet on Screaming Apple/Estrus. Both albums continue to glorify the lifestyle of wild youth even though all the band members are near or older than thirty. Like fellow eternal teenagers the Dictators, this feat is accomplished by keeping the tongue pressed firmly in cheek. The Bobbyteens might make musicians squeamish but there is no better soundtrack for crusin' the mall in the middle of a three-day drunk. ~ Chris Larry [AMG]

Now listen up! The Bobbyteens play an amalgam of '70s rock, punk, and powerpop (ala Nikki & the Corvettes): tough chick vocals, trashy attitude, rockin' guitars and solid hooks. Includes cool originals and covers of ''Young and Dumb'' [Rubber City Rebels] and ''Let's Get It On'' [originally by The Customs] If you dig Ramones and stuff ya gonna like this. Dig!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TEXAS FLASHBACKS Vol.1-6 [60's Punk]

Legendary 60's garage compilation series gathered together some of the most rare & ferocious Texas 60's punkers. David Shutt, a record collector from Austin, TX was responsible for a series of limited-edition vinyl compilations issued in mid 80's. Some times ago, you could get this comps on TWILIGHTZONE! and PARADISE OF GARAGE COMPS! and now here are the TEXAS FLASHBACKS in blazing <360> garage-sound-fantastic on SURFADELIC. Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Monday, July 29, 2013

GENERATION X - Valley Of The Dolls [1979] + Bonus

Although not as well as known as some of their peers (the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Damned, etc.), first wave U.K. punk rockers Generation X burst onto the scene at the same time as the others. And while they enjoyed some moderate success in their homeland, Generation X would become better-known as the launching pad for their singer, Billy Idol, who would go on to achieve great commercial success come the '80s. Originally formed in 1976, Generation X (which was named after a book that focused on battles between the Mods and the Rockers during the '60s) was comprised of guitarist Bob Andrews, bassist Tony James, drummer Mark Laff, and fronted by Idol. The group was eventually signed up by Chrysalis Records, resulting in a self-titled debut album in 1978 (the U.S. and U.K. versions contained different track listings), as Generation X became one of the first punk bands to appear on the popular British TV music program Top of the Pops.
Unlike other punk bands, Generation X wasn't afraid to turn a blind eye to the supposed "accepted" ideals by punk rockers as they covered a John Lennon song on their debut ("Gimme Some Truth") and even hooked up with veteran rocker Ian Hunter to handle the production chores for their sophomore effort, 1979's Valley of the Dolls. Perhaps as a result, however, the group's musical direction became cloudy (some wanting the group to remain true to their punk roots, while others feeling that they should pursue a heavier rock sound) and bandmembers began to leave one by one, until Idol and James were the only remaining original members. Generation X managed to squeeze out one final album, 1981's Kiss Me Deadly (which contained the original version of a song that Idol would later cover as a solo artist and score a massive hit with, "Dancing With Myself"), before splitting up. After the group's breakup, James later turned up as a member of '80s glam-punkers Sigue Sigue Sputnik, while Idol relocated to New York and embarked on his aforementioned solo career.

Legendary underrated glam punkers 2nd slab produced by glitter rock veteran Ian Hunter [Mott the Hoople]. "Running With The Boss Sound", "King Rocker", "Valley Of The Dolls'' and other cool tunes in Surfadelic "Boss Sound". Dig!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE PROFESSIONALS - The Professionals [1980] + Bonus Trax

                          THE PROFESSIONALS                          

The Professionals were formed in 1979 by guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook, both formerly of the Sex Pistols. In the previous year Johnny Rotten had left the Sex Pistols, and Jones had supplied lead vocals for late Sex Pistols recordings of the songs "Silly Thing" and "Lonely Boy". For these recordings Lightning Raiders bassist Andy Allen was employed as a session musician. After the Sex Pistols officially split and broke ties with manager Malcolm McLaren, this line up was resurrected as The Professionals, and signed to the Sex Pistols old label Virgin Records. In July 1980 The Professionals released their first single "Just Another Dream," followed by a second single "1-2-3" in October, which reached No. 43 in the UK Singles Charts. Shortly after the second singles release Allen left the band and was replaced by Subway Sect bassist Paul Meyers. Ray McVeigh also joined the band as a second guitarist. This same lineup recorded another single, "Join the Professionals", which was released in June 1981. Later that year, the song was featured in the movie Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains along with three other Cook/Jones compositions, "Conned Again", "La La La", and "Don't Blow It All the Way".
Following his departure, Andy Allen sued Virgin Records claiming he had never been paid by them. In response to this, the new line-up of The Professionals would re-record previous material so that Allen would not be owed any further royalties. The band brought in producer Nigel Gray to help record this material for their first full length album, the result was I Didn't See It Coming released in November 1981. The album was supported by U.K. and U.S. tour dates, and the release of a single for the song "The Magnificent". But the band's American tour was cut short when Cook, Meyers, and McVeigh were injured in a car accident. 
After a hiatus for recovery, the band returned to America in the Spring of 1982. They were offered a spot opening on tour for The Clash, but declined and broke up.

Friday, July 26, 2013

RAMONES - Subterranean Jungle [1983] Vinyl Rip!!!

Yep! Another Ramones overlooked gem. Their 7th studio lp recorded December 1982, at Kingdom Sound, Syosset, Long Island, produced by Ritchie Cordell and Glen Kolotkin from Bomp records. They steered the Ramones back toward the '60s pop infatuation that provided the foundation for their early records. That's way this record sounds like sequel to legendary ''Rocket To Russia'' lp. Marky Ramone was dismissed from the band during the production of the album. He can be seen lurking almost invisibly behind the window on the front album cover. Heartbreaker Billy Rogers filled in for him on "Time Has Come Today", and the album also features ''Heartbreaker'' Walter Lure on guitar. In the music videos for "Psycho Therapy" and "Time Has Come Today," Richie Ramone plays the drums. "Time Bomb" featured Dee Dee's first lead vocal on a Ramones album. "Little Bit O' Soul" was a cover of a song originally recorded by The Music Explosion in 1967. "I Need Your Love" was also a cover song, originally recorded by The Boyfriends, as was "Time Has Come Today", originally recorded by The Chambers Brothers in 1968. Everytime I Eat Vegetables... Ya know! Kick-ass Vinyl Rip by Surfadelic, Dig!

''I'm gonna brag about it
I'm not gonna stay in school
I'm gonna rob and steal
Gonna break every rule
I'm a time bomb, baby
I'm a time bomb, baby yeah yeah!''

 ''I gotta chance to tell you off
And I'm gonna use it well
Everybody, everywhere
You can all go to hell''
 [Time Bomb]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SIXTIES ARCHIVES vol.1 - 8 [USA 60's Punk]

                             SIXTIES ARCHIVES                            

By kind request, here's the early 90's French label Eva records US 60's garage/psych compilation series. Volume 1 is actually ''The Sound of the Sixties'' double Lp comp. I 've posted before [with improved sound quality!]. Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RAMONES - Pleasant Dreams [1981] Vinyl Rip!!!

The years 1980-1983 were not kind to the Ramones. Struggling to find their niche in a sudden sea-change of musical direction known as New Wave, they tried to keep up without compromising themselves and the sound they were known for. Riding the high from their appearance in the film "Rock'n'Roll High School," and the accompanying hit of the same title, they entered into an alliance with legendary producer Phil Spector. Bad move! The resulting album was a dud (though I personally like it well enough), and the next two Ramones efforts struggled to correct their blunder by gaining back the fan base that had eroded."Pleasant Dreams" was the first of these efforts ("Subterranean Jungle" is the other). Unfortunately, this is/was the most ignored of all Ramones albums, which is a shame considering just how tasty it really is. Unlike the following "Jungle," which was dark and fierce, reflecting the Ramones' growing frustration, "Pleasant Dreams" is mostly light and well-humored. The Ramones vent some frustration here too, on "We Want the Airwaves" and "This Business is Killing Me." But on the whole, the album features some very mature, bubblegum rock. What I love most about "Pleasant Dreams" is its uniqueness. The album encompasses a style on to its own. This is very much a Ramones album when listened to carefully, but on the surface, the pop influences stand out boldly. Perhaps it shows the depth of the Ramones' desperation, considering they recruited 10cc'er Graham Gouldman to produce the album. The Ramones will tell you they formed in 1974 to counter the slavishly proudced fare of bands like 10cc; and here they were, conspiring with the art-rock bassist and even dropping a reference to the band on one of the album's songs ("It's Not My Place"). This is perhaps the funniest joke the Ramones ever played, though just how deliberate it was, I can't say. 
Other reviews have mentioned that there is a feel of British Invasion to this album, but that's because, even though they recorded it in New York, the Ramones allowed the album to be engineered and mastered in Gouldman's native England. Hence, the album's quasi-British sound. While performing bubblegum pop rock to almost scandalous levels -- at least by the Ramones' hard rock standards -- and granting almost free license to Dick Emerson's keyboards (Emerson provides some tasty piano licks in "This Business ..."), "Pleasant Dreams" is still a recognizable Ramones album. Although the songs are longer and more musically complex than normal for this lightning-fast playing band, the standard straight-forward guitar-bass-drums formula has not been diluted. It is simply sharing the spotlight with lush backing vocals and synths, but is not watered down by it. Witness the nasty feedback linking the songs "You Didn't Mean Anything to Me" and "Come on Now," or the heavy metal riffs of "We Want the Airwaves" or "You Didn't Mean Anything ...," and you will have no doubts."Pleasant Dreams" deserved a lot more attention than it got.         [Amazon Customer Reviews]

One of my favorite Ramones Lp's and probably one of my top ten favorite Rock'n'Roll albums of all times. It's a heavily 60's influenced Pop/Punk record with a string of great tunes as "All's Quiet on the Eastern Front", "The KKK...", ''Don't Go'', ''You Sound Like You're Sick'', ''We Want the Airwaves'', '' 7-11', ''She's A Sensation'', ''Sitting In My Room''... It's pretty much a Hit! punk record were Ramones get to the peak of their creativity. I've been digging this slab pretty hard in my highschool days and I dig it now. This here is a Surfadelic Hi-Fidelity Vinyl Rip from the original USA '81 plastic, so Come on now, Dig!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

SKY "Sunlight" SAXON & Firewall · A Groovy Thing [1986]

                       SKY "SUNLIGHT" SAXON                      

A real 80's comeback Lp for SKY SAXON after the 1984 failed LP Masters Of Psychedelia. Album was released in France on New Rose and in US entitled Destiny's Children with different cover and trax order. The Fire Wall band featured Sky's longtime musical companion Mars Bonfire of Steppenwolf on keyboards, Roy McDonald on drums, and a revolving cast of guitarists and backup singers. Sky also used several cowriters for these songs, including Bonfire and producer Frank Beeson. It's a retro garage/psych ramalama for Seeds fans. Groovy!

THE ATLANTICS - Bombora [1963] Vinyl Rip!

                                THE ATLANTICS                                

In July 1963 The Atlantics released the single that would become their biggest hit, most well-known song and one which remains a classic of its genre to this day. The monstrous, pounding, driving "Bombora" was written by Peter and Jim and was named after an Aboriginal term for large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves. The B-side was the old traditional English song "Greensleeves". By September 1963, "Bombora" had climbed the Australian charts to reach No 1. It was released in Japan, Italy, Holland, England and New Zealand and in South America. It was nominated as record of the week by US Cashbox magazine and reached No 2 on the Italian charts (where there was even a vocal version released). As well the song was covered by a number of overseas bands. This overseas success made The Atlantics Australia’s first internationally recognized rock act. October 1963 saw the release of their first LP album, predictably named Bombora. [Wiki]

I know you surfers already dug their stuff, but here's a fine vinyl rip superior to those digital sounds. You got to feel the real 60's reverberation. Dig!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Russ Kruger And The Atlantics [Singles 1966/67]

                  Russ Kruger And The Atlantics                  

During '66/'67, Johnny Rebb released a number of singles with The Atlantics backing him. They also provided backing on a string of singles for Russ Kruger, Johnny Rebb's brother. Some of these tunes can be found on various 60's garage comps as Ugly Things, Hot Generation, Diggin' For Gold etc. This collection for the first time gathers all Russ fine garage sixties singles in one place. You gotta... Dig!

Friday, July 19, 2013

THE ATLANTICS - The Complete CBS Recordings 1963-65 [Vol.1 & 2]

                                THE ATLANTICS                                

One of the greatest instrumental surf groups did not even hail from America. The Atlantics, despite their name, were an Australian combo who not only emulated the sound of California surf music, but ranked among its very best practitioners. Featuring a reverb-heavy, extremely "wet" sound, The Atlantics attacked original material, standards, and movie themes with a nervy blend of precision and over-the-top intensity. As in Dick Dale's music, touches of Middle Eastern influences can be detected in the rhythms of melodies (some members of the group claimed Greek and Egyptian heritage). Their second single, "Bombora," went to the top of the Australian charts in 1963, and the follow-up, "The Crusher," was also a big hit. But Beatlemania spelled commercial death for The Atlantics, as it did for U.S. surf combos, in 1964 and 1965. After several albums and a few more equally fine instrumental singles, The Atlantics became a vocal group in the last half of the '60s. [AMG]
Complete instro surf recordings from one of the best Australian 60's groups. Listen up surfers, this is A MUST! As requested. Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SKY Sunlight SAXON & The Stars New Seeds Band · Starry Ride [1984]

                       SKY "SUNLIGHT" SAXON                      

4-songs mini Lp issued on Psycho label. It's a 70's Studio session recorded in Hollywood with Rainbow Stardust, Elliot Ingber [Fraternity Of Man], Ron Bushy [Iron Butterfly] and Mars Bonfire [Steppenwolf]. First three songs were previously published on Expression ''In Love With Life'' Ep in '77. Dig!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

SKY "Sunlight" SAXON - Transparency [2005]

                       SKY "SUNLIGHT" SAXON                      

Here are more of Sky stuff in this supercool 21st century Garage/Psych offering from one of the cult psychedelic pioneer. In 2004 Sky Saxon resurrected The Seeds to tour UK & Europe with Arthur Lee and Love and on their own, recorded the ''RED PLANET'' and solo album ''TRANSPARENCY''. And yeah, it's a trip through time and space back to 60's when ''900 Million People Daily All Making Love''. There's a strong ''Doors'' feel throughout this album as well as touches of Bo Diddley rhythms [Star Setter], Troggs & Who riffs [You Gotta Ride/Lighter], "Future"/''Raw & Alive''era Seeds and cool remake of ''Little Red Book'' and ''Night Time Girl'' [Day Time Girl]. You gotta dig brother, Dig!



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